Brand identity construction is very important for companies especially for those that are at the beginning of their experience on a market. For example, a start-up may invest time and resources on brand development in order to be known and recognized by users and consumers for specific values and characteristics. […]

San Antonio, TX is a business traveler’s paradise. Warm weather nearly all year long, a conveniently located international airport, authentic Mexican cuisine, and a host of entertainment options make this city an ideal place to mix business with pleasure. Before you head to this Texas gem for your latest business […]

Doctors are doing their rounds at the South Main Public Health Center in Utah. They attend to the patients, injecting them, and giving them tablets. After an injection to a patient, the nurse on duty discards the needle into a yellow container. She throws the gloves and cotton in a […]

Brief History At the point when his family was faced with the likelihood of moving to Germany in 2013, first-grader Christian Bucks was looking at an international school on the web. There he saw an image of an extraordinary Buddy bench where children who are feeling lonely could go and […]

If you are looking to create a new startup, iGaming may be the perfect opportunity. With incredible growth and the skyrocketing number of users, iGaming is seeing returns bigger than ever. With the recent crackdown on fake gambling sites in Asia and new legislation in the United States set to […]