7 Best Small Business Idea in Dubai – UAE

Dubai is considered as the business capital of United Arab Emirates and has the great economy for a business venture. This is the major business center among Arab nations. Dubai has a favorable economy and many job opportunities. However, this article is not about finding the job in Dubai but is about starting a business and creating jobs in Dubai. Here is the list of permissible business investment opportunities in Dubai.

But before you start, you should keep two things in mind:

  1. Who should start a business in Dubai?

Running a commercial business is definitely not for everyone; whether you are setting up in Dubai or anywhere else, if you lack the guts, initiative, and passion for running a business, you will never prosper irrespective of where you find yourself.

  1. Why should you start a business in Dubai?
  • Dubai is popular as ‘global City of Opportunity’ and is one of the leading destinations for commercial people and depositors in the whole of the Middle East. The administration policy and the state of the art infrastructures support the growth of small of small firms, as well as great businesses.
  • Business occasions in Dubai are not just open to the citizens of United Arab Emirates but also for the foreigners.
  • Half of its people strength is filled with strangers. Not only is there an plenty of incomes but there is also a usually good business environment that is carried about by the constancy in the country’s political atmosphere.
  • Setting up a business in the Dubai is simple and direct. With dynamic, ground breaking arrangements by the administration, Dubai urges foreign to invest. In Dubai, investors are granted incentives, and the government has simplified the procedures for setting up new businesses.
  • Dubai is a fertile ground for the businesses as the taxation is minimal and mostly non-existent. Only three sectors – oil, banking and tobacco processing – are significantly assessed in taxation.

So, if you are looking to invest in Dubai, there is a need to know the best markets to invest in. Without wasting time, have a look at the following list of easy to set up and profitable business opportunities in Dubai.

  1. Construction:

New buildings and structures are being constructed in the UAE with each passing day. This opens a large entryway of chances for engineers and different experts in construction and development part. So, investors can set up businesses that manufacture or sell raw materials used in building and construction.

  1. Financial Services:

Since there are many large scale businesses in Dubai, there is a proportionately huge demand for experts that offer financial services – such as accountants, bookkeepers, and auditors. If you have a solid background in any of these economic specialties, you will make lots of revenue by starting a business that offers financial services to businesses in Dubai.

  1. Food:

Food business flourishes all over the world and consistently. What’s more, Dubai isn’t a particular case to this reality. The fast-growing population of Dubai is creating a high demand for food. Any sort of business in the food industry whether it belongs to fast food, sea food, bakery, buffet restaurant, food delivery services, ice-cream stand or just packaged drinking water will give you back lots of cash in the shape of profit.

  1. IT Industry:

If you are capable of taking care of telecoms and IT issues or an IT professional, this is the business you should think of going into. Information Technology industry is vast which includes software, web development, networking, biometrics, mobile, digital entertainment, mobile wallet technology, content delivery, internet of things and much more.

  1. Tourism / Travel Agency:

Dubai is a hub of the tourism industry and is one of the world’s most preferred vacation destinations. Dubai hosts several thousands of visitors every year, and this explains why there are many five-star hotels in the city. So starting a business in the tourism industry is definitely a profitable venture for new entrepreneurs. It may include adventure clubs, airport shuttle service. Pick and drop service, Desert Safari Dubai (all or any of Morning Safari,’ ‘Evening Safari,’ ‘Overnight Safari’ and Camel Safari Dubai), vehicle rental, coffee shops and restaurants, Sheesha Bars, translators and much more.

Image Source: https://www.thedesertsafari.com/

  1. Security:
    Everyone starting from an individual to big business tycoons needs a safety whether they have to protect their online life or their real world. This has led to rise in demand for the safety guards, security guards, trained dogs, security related software and cyber security experts. Despite the fact that there are fewer security worries in the UAE than we have in most of other developed nations, people and organizations do not take risks with their assets.
  2. Environment-Friendly/Green Business:

Going green or becoming environment-friendly is now more than a trend and has become part of our tradition, affecting single, local, and corporate initiatives. Due to the rapid growth in Dubai, various activities such as construction and industrialization are causing massive damage to the environment. So, there are tremendous opportunities in Dubai for green living advocates the businesses that offer numerous environmental safety services such as waste recycling.


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