Everything to Know About Granite

Granny is easily the most popular stone that people use for services like countertops inside of their home. However, just because granite is such a popular choice doesn’t mean that people do not have questions. In fact there are many FAQs about Granite that people tend to bring up. I can take a lot of research to understand everything about Granite, but we can help you understand the basics for you to make a decision before you decide which stone to use in your home.

Where Does it Come From

Granite is a natural stone that is quarried directly from the Earth. Granite can be found in many different places across the world. Depending on where you live, the granite styles and colors may be different. Some areas are great for finding Granite that is very subdued and natural in color. Other areas across the world may be known for granite that is right in stunning in color and Design. Because it is a natural stone, there is no way to change the coloring and design of the granite. The goal is just to find the areas that has a beautiful natural stone like granite.

How Does it Become Countertops

Once the granite is quarried out of the ground, it becomes a countertop. However, this is not a quick process and it requires a lot of Machinery. First of all, the granite comes out in a large chunk. The chunk is then cut into slabs which you are likely to see more often. This is not the end of the process however. Now that the granite is cut into thinner slabs, the finishing work has to happen. A lot of polishing goes into making Granite look as beautiful as a does as a stone countertop. Once the polishing is done, you can find these flaps of Stone from a granite manufacturer. Once you pick which slab of stone you like, there is other finish work that has to be done in order to make it fit your countertops.

Designing the Layout

Granite is so well-known because it is such a durable surface that can be used in people’s home. People like to use Granite as their countertop because it is basically indestructible. However, because it is so strong it takes a lot of work to cut it. Granite suppliers have big machinery that they use water jets to cut the stone. After they have come to your home and measure the exact measurements using a computer, they will start to cut the stone. Things that have to be cut include the edges, the sink, and any other cutouts. They are also going to have you choose and edging style that you like. There are many different ways that you can edge of stone countertop. They will likely have you look over different options before you make a decision. This has to be done using a special technique that they will be able to show you if you’re interested.

This is just breaking the surface of all there is to know about granite countertops. Granite is incredible Natural Stone that is going to continue to be used for many years. Because granite is so strong, it is a great way to add beautiful stone to a durable area.


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