Great Options for the Perfect Mortgage Brokers

Transparency, fairness and convenience? Do not look for them with credit brokers or agents in financial activities when you need a mortgage. We did not find them. Yet the professionals contacted were numerous: 160 credit brokers or agents in financial activity in ten large cities.

Among the Mortgage Broker London professionals who made a loan offer, nobody gave the information necessary to understand the costs and conditions of the mediation and the proposed loan. The offers received are less convenient than those obtainable directly from the banks involved, mediation is paid by the commission.

  • An opaque photograph, reported today to the Bank and to the Agency of Agents and Mediators. An alarming insight into a role that should facilitate the process of access to mortgage credit for the saver, not tangle with it, provide independent advice and offer better products to consumers using their own bargaining power. Thus it did not result from the investigation. In Italy there are 6,488 agents in financial activities and 289 credit brokers registered in the register.

The scenario found among online mediators is different, as they all stood out for the transparency and correctness of the information. Not only was it possible to make comparisons between the products and identify the best financing; for all the costs for mediation were zero, in addition to the availability of information sheets on all the products offered and the mediation contract.

Tips for choosing the right mortgage

  • If you choose a credit broker, verify that it is a person registered in the register with the Control Body.
  • Get the brokerage or consultancy contract delivered and check the costs that you should bear, in addition to any penalties, if the loan should not be paid by the bank. If penalties are provided, do not sign.
  • Mediation must be paid only after completing the loan before a notary.
  • It is your right to have the information sheets of the mortgage and of the mediation service when requesting information, so as to make an informed choice.
  • Online brokers offer a good service to get an idea of ​​the offers on the market. But keep in mind that the offers shown are those of the banks with which they have an agreement.
  • To have a mortgage it is not necessary to have a current account with the same bank or to purchase life or non-life policies sold by the same. This is an incorrect practice to report.

For problems of any kind, make a complaint in writing to the bank, which is required to respond within 30 days. If you do not, you can contact the bank and financial arbitrator.

If you are looking for a mortgage, the online service is at your disposal to help you find the most convenient one.


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