Steps Involved in Buying a Vehicle Insurance Online

Undoubtedly, you are very proud of your vehicle and can go to any extent to keep it safe from theft, total loss, or an accident. However, such unfortunate events come your way without giving any signal and may leave you in a soup with respect to your finances. This is where vehicle insurance comes to the rescue of people wanting to get respite from the costs of third party liability, personal damage, and damages occurring to their automobiles. Third party liability is mandatory as per the Indian Motor Vehicle’s Act, 1988; it is crucial that you purchase the same as soon as you buy your car.

Are you also waiting to buy or renew your car insurance? If yes, this article will help you understand the different steps involved in buying vehicle insurance online.

Is Any Document Needed for Renewing Vehicle Insurance Online?

If you are in the process of renewing your vehicle insurance on aggregator sites like, then it is essential to have some facts and figures handy.

1. Documentation eases the claim process

Be it for online or offline auto insurance renewal, it is important to ensure that you have your policy documents for the existing plan by your side. Additionally, for the sake of premium determination of your renewed car policy, you need to have all claim-related papers with you. In case you have not made any claim during the tenure of the policy, you will be eligible to get a No Claim Bonus that will reduce the cost of your next premium. Overall, these documents are necessary for your insurance company to assess the claims’ history and offer the NCB, if any.

2. Verification of details via available documents

It is equally essential to ensure that the vital documents of your car, such as those depicting the manufacturer’s name, RTO’s address, brand details, first registration date, registration zone/city, model, etc., are secure with you. While renewing your vehicle insurance online, you will be asked for the car’s policy number, its registration details, and certain other data for proper filing of your application. It is important to cross check the details that you’re putting in with the hard copies of the documents in your possession to avoid all claim related issues in future.

How Convenient Is Vehicle Insurance Online?

Buying an online car insurance plan may prove to be a tricky affair if you are confused by a multitude of insurance products and providers. The undermentioned steps will help you gain better mileage when it comes to purchasing vehicle insurance from the portal of your choice.

1. Assess and understand

Before you proceed, it is important to understand the types of car insurance plans available in India – third party liability car insurance and comprehensive car insurance. Thereafter, you need to assess your coverage requirements

While assessing the coverage, ensure that the  Insured Declared Value of your vehicle is equal to current market value of your car. Alongside, ascertain the minimum level of coverage that is made mandatory by the governmental authorities.

2. Compare and select vehicle insurance online

To get better savings and coverage, it is recommended that you compare all available vehicle insurance quotes and product features before zeroing in on one. Online comparison platforms are well-equipped with effective tools to aid the comparison of various car insurance plans on the basis of their claim settlement ratio, financial track record, features, etc.

3. Look for online discounts

Discounts on vehicle insurance online can substantially decrease the financial burden on your income. The factors that solicit premium discounts by up to 5% include safety equipment, gear lock, driving record, anti-theft system, air bags, anti-lock brakes, etc. These factors ensure better safety for your vehicle, thereby reducing the risks for the insurance company – hence the discount!

4. Add-ons

Add-ons of the likes of nil-depreciation insurance, personnel cover, and roadside assistance add to the coverage. They have to be purchased on the basis of your immediate and long-term needs by paying additional premium.

Buy Vehicle Insurance Online – Easily and Quickly

Once you have completed the above-mentioned steps on, choose the payment gateway of your choice to buy or renew your car insurance online. You will be surprised to note how easy it is to go about the act!


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