Carpet care to avoid too much cleaning

Carpet continues to be a popular choice of floor covering in modern homes, but in reality they are popular from the royal era of the world. In that time too carpets were the symbol of wealth and class.   Modern design and manufacturing techniques of carpets are being made to suit any design or lifestyle choice. Unluckily many carpets do not last as long as they should because of the increase in dust in the atmosphere and poor carpet care. Here are some simple pointers for people to make sure that they keep their carpets like new for a long time because many people cannot afford to change them regularly because of their expensiveness.

Sand and grit work on the carpet fibers just like scissors and cut it very poorly. You will see that even if you are keeping the windows closed and curtained, your carpet has dust and that is because of the shoes. Many people do not remove shoes when they enter in the house and the carpets absorb the dust from them. To avoid that it is best that you ask for family members to remove the shoes on front door if not have a matt placed in the door so that people can clean their shoes before coming in.

It is best that you place the matt in the bathroom doors too because wetness can also leave stain in your carpet. The width and the length of the matt should be according to the size of your door. For small entrances rubber backed cotton fiber mat is best. Do not think that just placing the matt has done the job. Make sure that you clean the mats too.

These are some simple steps you can follow to avoid any hard carpet cleaning and to make sure that your carpets does not get dirty very soon.


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