How to Make Your Small Business More Successful

There isn’t a small business on the planet that doesn’t want to create even more success, even more customers, and even more profits for their business – regardless of how successful they may or may not be right now!

Every small business owner, entrepreneur, and marketer out there is looking for another edge, another angle, and another piece of leverage they can use to build the business and financial future that they have always dreamed of.


Here are some tips and tricks to help you do exactly that!

Fall in love with your perfect customer

The very first thing you’re going to want to do to dramatically improve access of your small business is to get crystal-clear about who your perfect customer is – your IDEAL customer is – and then fall in love with marketing and advertising directly to that kind of person and that person alone.

A lot of businesses waste a tremendous amount of money with a shotgun style approach to marketing and advertising, launching as wide a net as possible. This inevitably land them a handful of clients and customers for sure, but it also gets them a tremendous amount of hassle and headache rather than perfect customers that they love doing business with.

Find your perfect customer and cater your business – and your marketing – to them and you’ll find your business becomes a lot more successful and a lot easier (not to mention enjoyable) as well.

Sell more frequently to customers that you already have

There are plenty of businesses out there that think the only way for them to grow is to find more custoers, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, there are plenty of business owners out there wish they had a lot fewer customers to deal with on a regular basis, but can’t “fire” headache customers just because they aren’t pulling in enough money without them.

When you sell more frequently to your own customers, however (especially your favorite customers), you’re going to find your marketing and advertising budget goes down – because it costs less to advertise to people that you’ve already done business with, people that like and trust you – while your profitability and your success goes through the roof.

A significant portion of your money should be dedicated to advertising to past customers that either aren’t shopping with you as much as they used or could purchase more from you than they are right now. Don’t neglect getting new customers, but make sure that you don’t forget about advertising to your old ones, either.

Test absolutely EVERYTHING

Too many otherwise smart and savvy small business owners and operators fall into industry norms or no real reason whatsoever other than “that’s the way it’s always been”.

Unless you want to have the same kind of middling success that every other average business in your market has you’ll want to give up on doing what everyone else is already doing just as quickly as humanly possible.

Test your marketing, test your prices, test your process, and test, test, test until you find better ways to do business – and then test some more!

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