Transport your tradeshow equipment and assets to the right venue

Moving to a different site for tradeshow is really daunting. Your employees and business associates may reach the venue at the right time. However, you can face the problem while transporting the tradeshow setups. Printed items, banners, display booths and other big structural elements have to be transported safely. Thus, managing the tradeshow equipment and setups is not easy. At the time of installation, when you find any of the tools damaged, it wastes your time and money.

Thus, the best solution for you is to look for tradeshow logistics service. You may make a deal with a landstar trucking agent.

All the vehicles, used for transportation of tradeshow displays or equipment, have innovative features, which make the journey safer. For instance, you can find big doors at the sides of the van for smooth loading or unloading. To keep away from the bump issue, you may also find air-ride suspension.

In addition to it, the logistics service providers have also the collection of-

  • Open and enclosed transportation system

While you have already realized your transportation needs, you may choose any of the two options- Open or enclosed trailers.

  • Trucks with car carrying capacity– When you try to ship multiple cars to a different location, you can choose special trucks. You can find those trucks, equipped with decks. On a particular truck, you can load all your cars and oversized automobiles.
  • Nose cone truck– It is one of the design features of the transportation trucks. This is intended for using the space optimally. While you are shipping more than one vehicle, this type of trucking gives you an affordable solution.
  • Ramps and winches– These are on-board tools that you can find in the trucks. Those accessories help you in loading the cargos safely and transporting them in a secure way. They are also useful for transporting your tradeshow display tools.
  • Tie downs and straps– These are the most important things for securing your items. Use the straps to tie the boxes firmly. You can transport the load with no mishap on the highway.
  • Pad wrapping system– Most of carriers are not integrated with this facility. However, the transportation companies can assist you with this solution. Pads will stay in their position, until you have installed your equipment. This gives the ultimate protection to your assets.

Thus, your tradeshow equipment transport becomes easy with the logistics service.


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