You Just Can’t Wait to Get on The Road Again

Mileage tracking is easy, right? Wrong! No matter how much you try, the numbers are always off. No matter how many times you remind yourself to reset the trip-tic, the mileage comes out wrong. For such a seemingly simple thing as tracking mileage, there is a solution. It is a software tool specifically designed to track your every mile.

The digital revolution has been wonderful in many ways. Embracing tedium and crunching all of the numbers of our daily lives and sorting them out in comprehensive ways is but one. The mileage aspect of your job has always been an exercise in futility. You know it, and I know it. However, now it is a simple matter. Your smartphone has, for all intents and purposes, told you; “let me take care of that.”

You see, the software developers have to drive too. These are people who can encode software to behave nicely. Everlance employs these brilliant developers. They’ve taken every aspect of business mileage and categorized it in a simple program with a very clean user interface right on your cell phone. The standard items such as:

  • Classifying the trip
  • Automatic expense tracking
  • Generating reports

and much more have been laid out digitally right in the palm of your hand. It couldn’t be simpler, and now you can focus on the job instead of the mileage. It’s a win-win of course, and as with anything, it only gets better.

Simplifying our lives is the number one goal. We create tools to help us day to day, and sometimes, the simplest solutions prove to be the most valuable and effective. That being said, dealing with your employer, and worse, the IRS can be a chore. There are so many available deductions when it comes to business travel that it can become daunting. IRS mileage rules are, naturally, very complex. Having every deduction tracked and accounted for automatically is a boon for everyone. Not to mention trying to prove to your employer that your trip was indeed business related.

Clean, concise reports leave little room for doubt. Every detail, including the route, is taken into account. Expense tracking is very necessary, but now it has become easy. When you no longer have to collect receipts, the benefits become clear. Electronic data is smoothing out the bumps in daily life, and now that business trip is totally accounted for.

The task of mileage tracking need no longer be the disheartening chore that bogs down your day. Math is hard, let your computer do the adding. Software applications are specifically designed to ease your life. Avail yourself of the comprehensive mileage tracking solution. The savings will become very clear, very fast. And again, reducing paperwork (receipts) is always a good thing. Digital reports are great, and such great mileage tracking software is compatible with cloud computing technology which further enhances our lives. Every little bit helps in this day and age, so drive on.


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