How can you Qualify your Leads Effectively?

Is it enough that you have a lead scoring method and a score sheet? The answer is a Big NO. It is important that even in the earliest parts of the lead management process, you should be streamlining your prospects.

This way, you will have more qualified leads for your marketing campaigns.

Check out the 3 tips that will help you out:

1.     Develop a Good Communication Plan

One of the best ways to start qualifying your leads is by reaching out to them and communicating. However, with so many methods of doing so, the communication process can be very time-consuming.

What you can do, is to try to combine as many as 3 of these communication strategies in one full blow.

In our B2B Data provider company we have a great communication strategy.

For example, if you want to create a press release, you may want to schedule it during a charity event or a trade show. This way, you can obtain lead information from your press release as well as from the registration form of attendees of your booth during the fair.

2.     Information must be related to your Targeted Niche

We are talking about those leads that you want to qualify in your marketing campaign. Usually, in an effort to obtain as many leads as possible into their business, owners tend to provide details that are not really necessary.

One must remember that you cannot get all of them. In fact, once you start to qualify your leads, you will realize that only around 10 percent of them are qualified. The rest may have to be placed under your lead nurturing program.

How can you make your information geared towards your chosen leads? You need to take a look at their profile and compare it with the product that you are selling.

For instance, if you are selling a business mobile phone, your qualified leads are those who are always on the move or maintaining a virtual office.

You are not really after the ones who have a home-based business. You can then feed your qualified leads with the information that they need, such as the benefits of using a business mobile phone.

3.     Create a Centralized Database

What do we mean by this? It seems like it has been a custom among businesses to develop a database according to their marketing campaign.

They create a database for all those visitors in the trade show. There is another database for those who have responded to their direct mail marketing, and there is another one for the Internet leads.

This is not good. It always creates a chance that there will be multiple entries for leads.

This means that a prospect may have responded to your direct mail and also signed up into your mailing list.

There are also times that the same prospect responded twice to your marketing campaign.

What you can do—so it is easier for you to qualify your leads later— then to develop a centralized database. All your leads, regardless of how you obtain them, must be found in there.

There are already a lot of database programs that you can use. They can help you to sort out your prospects, so you end up with unique entries.

Lead scoring is a very important process. Without it, you may end up making an offer to those who are not interested in making a purchase today or who are not keen in buying anything from you at all.

Thus, you cannot afford to not do it right. With the tips and an effective lead scoring system, however, you can never go wrong.


In an Extreme competitive Economy like India, There’s a need to have Right leads for your Business, which is ultimately the life blood your business success.

And Following the Right process will give you right outcome to your business. Following the above tips will surely make your leads get qualify and move it to next process where they become your hot leads/prospects and then now it’s depend on your sales team how they take it forward and get the deals on.

I would suggest if the leads get qualify with the process, you should make an attempt to communicate with the prospects with the 30 minutes, because there’s a high probability of getting the conversion.

Hope you got an idea about how you can qualify your leads properly.

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