What are Colorado Marijuana Laws?

Now that it’s legal, people can be pretty confused about marijuana laws. One of the biggest issues is that they don’t understand the marijuana laws in Colorado. The main 3 areas that people are unsure about use at home, in public, and actually growing marijuana plants. Keep in mind, if you’re under 21 then you can’t use marijuana no matter what! The good news is that once you actually know the laws, they’re extremely easy to understand. With that being said, let’s look at these 3 areas and take a more in-depth look. 

Personal Use at Home

The first thing we’ll look at are the law in regard to personal use at home. These laws say that a person can have and use up to 1 ounce or less of marijuana. In addition, they can give up to 1 ounce or less to another person as long as no form of payment is given. A person can also possess up to 1 ounce of hash and concentrates. Anything over the 1 ounce will get you a petty misdemeanor. While this isn’t as bad s it could be, it will still go on your record. One thing to remember is that just because you can have up to 1 ounce, you will still get a petty misdemeanor for having any type of paraphernalia. 

Personal Use in Public

Next, we’ll look at the laws for personal use in public. In almost every instance, using or possessing marijuana in public is still illegal. Even though that’s the case, the laws have been relaxed a bit. For example, as long as the person doesn’t have a large amount, it’s usually going to be a petty misdemeanor. Keep in mind, though, some areas are at the discretion of the owners. An example of this would be a hotel or a private limousine. Some owners of these might give the okay to use marijuana while others don’t want it used at all. If the owner DOES give the okay, then it isn’t illegal, but it is illegal if it’s used in the areas where the owner doesn’t want it. 

Growing and Cultivation

Finally, we’ll look at growing and cultivation. Someone living in Colorado can own up to 6 plants. These can only be grown for personal use and not for the use of selling the marijuana. Anything over the 6 plants automatically goes into felony territory. If a person has 6-30 plants, then they’ll get fined $100,000 and a felony with jail time from 6 months to 2 years, while anything over 30 plants will result in a fine of $500,000 and a felony with jail time from 2 years to 6 years. These are some pretty serious consequences, so you really want to make sure you’re within the allowed amount. 

Now that we’ve looked at these 3 areas, they are much easier to understand. In addition, you can be confident that you know the laws and make sure you are abiding by them. Keep in mind, breaking the laws can result in an arrest or hefty fines, so you want to make sure you completely understand them!


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