10 Surprising Facts About Labour Hire

It is becoming a lot harder for companies to hire and retain the right employees who are not only skilled but also dedicated.  The truth is that most companies just don’t understand all of the realities of the hiring process today.  When companies are ready to hire the right employee for the job, there are many different aspects to the process.  Here are 10 surprising facts about labour hire:

  1. Over 60 percent of those looking for a job would not consider taking a job with an employer that does not have a good reputation, even if they don’t have a job. Over 80 percent would think about leaving their current employment if they were offered a job with a company that enjoys an outstanding reputation.
  1. The three most important things to today’s job seeker are (1) work culture, (2) retirement benefits, (3) opportunities to grow.
  1. There are five important factors that most job seeks consider before they accept a job offer and those are: (1) company values and culture, (2) work-life balance, (3) salary and benefits, (4) opportunities for career growth, (5) location and length of commute.
  1. The average job opening will attract over 200 resumes and only about 6 of those people will get a call for an interview with 1 of the 6 being offered the position.
  1. An average of 2 out of every 3 employees say that their employer does not utilize social media for the promotion of job openings or that they do not know how to use it. About 3 out of 4 employees do not (or do not know how to) promote their brand through social media.
  1. Nearly 80 percent of job seekers searched for a job through social media. This percentage increases to nearly 90 percent of younger job searchers who have only been in their chosen career for up to 10 years.
  1. Nearly 95 percent of sales professionals consider base salary to be the most important aspect of their total compensation plan while over 60% say that commission is the most important part of their compensation plan.
  1. Close to 50 percent of employees left their previous job because there was no room for growth. Nearly 70 percent of employees are skeptical of the claims that employers make than they were back in 2011.
  1. About half of today’s job seekers use their cell phones to look for a job several times daily. Over 50 percent look at company reviews from employees and some also look at salary information.
  1. Over 60 percent of job seekers say that they would rather earn $40,000 annually at a job that they love over $100,000 at a job that they find boring. Most job seekers are looking the people and culture of their prospective employers and career potential after that.

As an employer it is important to understand what potential employees are searching for in a job.  It is equally important to know how job seekers are searching for jobs and where (social media) so that you can get your opportunities out in front of the most promising prospects.


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