5 Digital Printing Products you just can’t go without

In today’s digital age, many office activities are done online like correspondence through emails or virtual meetings etc. This does not mean that office stationery or printing products have become redundant. Every organization needs printing products for not only its external communication with clients and vendors but also for marketing and sales promotion.  The only significant difference today is that we are using digital printing products currently.

What are digital printing products?

The stationery and marketing or promotional material printed using digital printing technology are called digital printing products. This includes office stationery like letterheads, envelopes, visiting cards, memo sheets, invoice slips, note pads, files, etc. And this also includes marketing or promotional material like brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, flyers, danglers, wobblers, etc.

Let us take a look at some digital printing products that every office needs compulsorily.

5 must-have digital printing products for every office

  1. Letterheads

Communication is vital for any business to keep going. Every organization communicates with its an endless list of individuals on a daily basis. This list includes business associates, stakeholders, financial partners, channel partners, customers, client partners, vendors etc. This correspondence has to be done using paper for it to be taken seriously.  For this, you must print your own corporate letterheads.

Company letterheads act as the face of the company for official communication. They give credibility to the contents of the correspondence. All legal correspondence must be done only on official or company letterheads.

Get branded letterheads designed from your expert print specialist or select from their custom templates or even upload your own design., Print letterheads in small numbers initially to see the results and then numbers if you are satisfied with the print quality, do bulk printing.

But remember, Letterheads are a definite must among the digital printing products that your office always needs.

  1.      Envelopes

Ok, so now you have printed custom Letterheads for your company. What will you send them in? Plain envelopes? That will definitely not do.

Sending letters in unbranded plain envelopes will lower your company’s image and reduce its reputation in the market. Get envelopes printed with the company logo and address. The letterheads and envelopes should match in design and reflect the corporate identity uniformly. Order them in small quantities for testing or in bulk for the best bargains on price. Better still, order a combo with both letterheads and envelopes at affordable rates.

  1. Visiting cards

Visiting cards act as the representative of the company in business circles. They are the most important among digital printing products as they serve as a means of business contact and introduction. Design and print visiting cards for all managers and marketing or communication executives in small quantities. Better still, print a common company card and issue them to your marketing executives and other personnel who represent the company in corporate circles.

  1. Brochures

Brochures are the backbone of any marketing strategy. You need company brochures for corporate profiles, brand brochures, product brochures, etc. These are distributed as marketing material and offered to customers for product promotion. Every company must print brochures to promote itself.

  1. Flyers

Flyers are single-page promotional material that is printed in bulk to be distributed widely. Print multi-colour leaflets in attractive designs to circulate as promotional material. For small businesses with budget constraints, flyers fit the bill perfectly.

Be it a start-up, a home office or an SME, your office needs digital printing products. Whatever be your budget, get these 5 must-have digital printing products from your trusted print provider and boost your business.


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