5 Fantastic Reasons to Use Digital Printing

All start-ups, SMEs and even big businesses make use of marketing and promotional materials in bulk. Posters, flyers, brochures, business cards, leaflets etc. are needed in plenty and that too, in record-breaking time. High-quality printing with good color clarity and perfect resolution for the images is a must for all these promotional materials. All these stringent requirements can be satisfied only by one printing process – digital printing.

Yes, digital printing is the best to print in bulk, on an economical and efficient scale with high quality and low turnaround time.

Reasons to Use digital printing

Have a look at these 5 fantastic reasons that will convince you that digital printing is best for all your future printing needs.

1. Low Overheads

Unlike offset printing which requires pre-fabricated metal plates, digital printing does not require any plates or major initial setup. Since digital printing is computerized and can transfer the print directly on to the material, there are no extra accessories required which cuts down the overheads. With low initial costs, your printing cost also becomes less and economically viable for the customer.

2. Superior Quality

Quality is one aspect that goes without saying with digital printing. Since digital printing is computerized, it is possible to check, recheck, modify, correct and proof the content and images before final printing. What more, even after one batch, you can make some changes to the content and print. This cannot be done with offset printing.

Since the process is digital, the printing quality is accurate as the color gradients and image resolution can be checked for accuracy. Now, you can get the prints in the exact way you want, without any deviation, with digital printing.

3. Fast and Timely Output

If you want your printing to be done in a  jiffy, choose digital printing blindly, without any second thoughts. Yes, digital printing an give you the fastest output even in a  day or two. Unlike offset printing, there are no plates or prepress processes in digital printing. This guarantees quick turnaround with efficient results.

Most often, corporate decisions come with stringent deadlines requiring the promotional material in record time to launch the marketing campaigns. During such tight-neck situations, digital printing comes to the rescue with its quick turnaround time.

4. Customization

In offset printing, the plates are first made from metal and engraved according to your content. This renders them permanent and inflexible. No changes can be made to the content to the content once the plates are formed.

But luckily, digital printing is computerized and allow nth hour edits and changes. You can even print a batch for test- marketing and then change some details for the next batch. These customization facilities come very handy when last minute suggestions or changes are given by the marketing time and have to be implemented without delay.

Customization is also a boon for printing company visiting cards for all marketing executives. Here the company logo, address, and name details are main the same while only the name of the executive changes. For such jobs, digital printing is the best as it allows only the name portion to be changed in the template while preserving the other details. This customization feature saves both cost and time.

5. Low Quantity

Offset printing is affordable but only for bulk volumes above thousand. If your requirement is a few hundred, offset printing will prove expensive. For such small batch printing, only digital printing is the right solution.

Digital printing is also the favorite choice as it is efficient, economical and time-saving. For small batch or quick printing jobs and printing projects which need a lot of customization, digital printing is obviously the only choice.


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