6 Major Benefits of Pallet Recycling in Brampton

If you are involved in the logistics, construction or transportation business in Brampton, you will know the value of pallets. Pallets help you to lower your transportation, handling and labour costs. But after some time, these pallets may break into wood chips, or become damaged. So, what should you do with scrap pallets in Brampton?

Pallet recycling is the most environmentally-friendly way of handling your old pallets. Instead of keeping the old pallets in your warehouse, you should consider recycling them. Here are some of the main benefits of doing so:

Improved Organization

Broken wood chips from old pallets may take up a substantial amount of space and reduce the efficiency and productivity of your employees. The areas where these old pallets are stacked can be used for free movement and faster operations. Also, the broken pallets can hinder the smooth workflow in the company. If you work within an enclosed warehouse or factory, recycling your scrap pallets in Brampton will help you to reduce the clutter in your company.

Better Workplace Safety

Keeping untidy wood chips in the workplace will make it unsafe and unhealthy. Apart from the congestion it will cause, the dust from the chips can trigger asthmatic attacks and other respiratory problems. Keeping these broken pallets can also increase the risk of a fire outbreak. So it is important to protect your workers’ health and improve their safety by sending out your damaged pallets for recycling.

Environmental Preservation

Recycling scrap pallets in Brampton will cut back on the overall cost of producing new pallets. Pallet recycling is an eco-friendly practice that reduces the number of trees that will be cut down to make new pallets. Instead of allowing the old pallets to go to landfills, it is better to recycle them. This will reduce fuel usage and cut down on greenhouse emissions.

Reuse Old Pallets

Recycled pallets can offer better utility than freshly manufactured pallets. Many of these pallets offer better strength and wear resistance than new ones. Pallet recycling involves seasoning of the wood and re-nailing to make the pallet more durable. Obviously, seasoned wood will offer more strength than the wet wood used for new pallets, which are usually subject to cracking and warping.

Save Money

The cost of purchasing new pallets annually can easily add up and become a significant expense in your transportation or warehousing operations. So, the more new pallets you have to buy, the greater the cost to your company. Repairing and recycling your scrap pallets will be a cheaper and more economical option.

Generate Extra Income

If you decide not use the recycled pallets, you can still offer them for sale and generate some extra income. If the pallets were originally durable, they would have provided satisfactory service before breaking up. So after you have enjoyed the value of your old pallets, you can still sell them to a pallet recycling company to earn more money from them.

Those are some of the main benefits of recycling pallets. If you need more information about how to recycle your old wood pallets in Brampton, contact a reputable pallet recycling service provider today.


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