Benefits of Working With a Professional Safety Services Company

If you are involved in oil drilling or servicing of rigs, pipelines or construction projects, and pulp and paper production, you need to take extra precautions to protect your employees from harmful gases. Gases like H2S, which is very harmful and toxic can easily build up in your work environment. During your normal work schedule, you need to focus more on the work at hand than on handling emergencies.

During most oil and gas or forestry operations, your workplace will be in a remote area, from which you will have to travel for miles before you can reach the nearest health facility when you have an emergency. Since most of the work in this sectors are project based, you will need to move from one remote area to another during the course of the year. That is why you need a competent and experienced H2S safety service provider.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring an H2S safety services provider:

Prompt Action During Emergencies

A reliable safety service provider will have office locations at strategic places to offer quick response times during emergency calls. This is essential when you are working in an environment where hazardous gases can accumulate within a short time. Your safety consultant will have a fleet of ambulances, air trailers and special vehicles to help to protect you and your workers. Some also offer XUV rental in Grande Prairie.

On-site Safety Services

In addition to coming promptly to your site during emergencies, your safety service company can also station their air trailers at your site on a 24-hour basis to monitor the level of poisonous gases available in the atmosphere where you are working. Most H2S safety service providers will provide continuous gas monitoring which is administered by specially trained personnel. All the breathing equipment and gas masks that are needed for such environments will also be provided to ensure that every member of your team remains safe.

Improved Productivity

Working with a reliable safety service provider will help you to focus more on completing your project effectively and on schedule. Whether you are drilling a new well, constructing a new pipeline or drilling service rigs, you will be able to work faster and more efficiently when you know that issues relating to gas hazards are being handled by competent professionals. Your workers will also be happier and more productive because they know that you have made adequate provision for their safety. This will make it easier to keep your trusted hands and enjoy their committed service for a long time.

Cost Savings

In the safety industry, prevention is always better than cure. The cost of hiring a competent safety service provider is very minimal when compared to the effect of intoxication due to excess gas or the loss that you will experience if you or one of your employees falls ill. You will also be able to reduce the cost of liability insurance when your insurer knows that you are working with a reliable safety company. Additionally, you will be able to keep employee downtimes low and ensure that they remain healthy and productive, leading to shorter project completion times and reduced labour costs.

Those are some of the main advantages of hiring an H2S safety service provider who also offers XUV rental in Grande Prairie. You can enjoy fast and efficient response to emergency calls and monitor the health of your employees.


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