Choosing the Right Business Security System

There are hundreds of business security systems out there. Hence, choosing the right system can be very difficult, especially if you don’t know anything about security systems. Here is a list of the key things you need to consider when shopping for a security system. 

Monitoring Connections

You need to check the monitoring connections of security system. Is it landline, broadband or cellular? Landline monitoring systems communicate with the monitoring centers using phone lines. Security systems that use this method of monitoring are very cheap. However, they are highly susceptible to interference. Broadband uses internet connection. It is considered much safer than landline monitoring. Not to mention, you can add more automation features. The only disadvantage is it experiences downtimes, making it unreliable. Cellular monitoring, on the other hand, connects with the monitoring centers using a cellular uplink. 

Technology Used

The technology used to make the security system also plays a key role. Some systems come with highly advanced features that allow you to automate almost everything in your business premises. Others come with remote sensing capabilities that alert you about any problems even if you are miles away. There are so many technologies that have emerged. Do some research and make some comparisons before you make your final decision.

Installation Technique

You should also consider the ease of installation of the system. Some systems allow for DIY installations while others require professional installation. In DIY installation, you are in full control. You do everything. DIY installation is very cheap since you don’t have to hire anyone to do it for you. However, you need to check with the manufacturer just to be sure the system can be installed as DIY. Systems that allow DIY installation are very easy to work with, so you should not worry about any problem. 

Professional installation on the other hand is very convenient. You just need to get someone who is experienced in security systems installation. The good thing about professional installation is that you are guaranteed of a perfect outcome. The downside is you will have to pay for it.

Customer Service

The customer service of the vendor impacts how well you use the system. Start by gauging your experience the first time you meet the vendor. How do they handle you? Do they answer your questions well? Do the customer service representatives respond to your concerns faster enough? This way, you will know exactly whether the vendor values good customer experience. You want someone who can address your concerns faster enough and offer high-quality services. 


The price is also a major factor you need to consider. Check to see how much the vendor charges as monthly charges, activation costs, service fee and cancellation fees. Get price quotes from at least three different companies and compare their prices this will help you ensure you are getting fair deal.

Though choosing a home security system is a tiresome process, it can be rounded up into five key elements. These include monitoring technique, pricing, and method of installation, customer service and technology used.



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