Guide to sending Christmas gifts

An advice from Courier Point, special service in parcel transport at the best prices.

In a few weeks, we celebrate Christmas with a lot of presents. As expatriates in the United States, you will probably send to France many parcels containing your gifts and conversely you risk receiving family or friends of the Hexagon. But beware of the standards and customs regulations that can spoil the party. Are you thinking about” how much to send a parcel to USA”, Courier Point, a specialist in express transport, reminds you of the basics for a successful Christmas.

How to send my gifts without damage?

The base is the packaging! A well packaged gift where the contents are stuck so as not to move during transport is the key to a gift arrived whole destination. Beyond the possible damage on arrival, know that a package badly packaged can be refused by the carrier and returned to the sender without refund possible for lack of packaging. In other words, time and money lost!

Can I send and receive what I want?

Well no. Christmas or not, countries and carriers have lists of prohibited products. Thus, it is impossible to send by air packages containing perfumes, alcohol of any type, cosmetics or tobacco and its products. So remove from your list of Christmas your perfume or day cream of a great French brand!

Also, be aware that it is not allowed to import in France valuable jewelry, furs or food (perishable or not).

How to avoid problems with customs?

Whether you send or receive a gift from the USA, you must be vigilant and respect the customs conditions of the destination country if you want the package to pass smoothly.

First rule to follow: clearly indicate the contents of the package. The word “gift ” must appear on the sending slip and be as specific as possible on the description of the contents so that the customs officers can examine it as quickly as possible. This will prevent customs blockages that will lengthen the delivery time.

But above all, pay attention to the value of the gift! Indeed even a gift to an individual may be subject to fees and customs taxes according to its value.

You can send a package without paying fees and taxes in France provided that it does not exceed a value of 45 €. Beyond this, French customs taxes apply and it is the consignee who will have to pay if he wishes to receive the parcel.

For a shipment to the United States without tax and customs, the value of the gift must not exceed more than $ 100 / person. If it is a bundled gift shipment (for example in one package for you and the other for your spouse), remind the shipper to package the gifts separately and indicate clearly outside the different recipients, the associated gifts as well as their value.

How can I ship my gifts at the best price and within a reasonable time?

You can go through a comparator of express carriers like the company Courier Point. On our website, you will be able to compare the offers of DHL, UPS and FedEx express shipping leaders and schedule your shipment in just a few clicks. Thanks to a dedicated customer service, Courier Point accompanies you for all your shipments in Europe or abroad and allows you to follow your shipment in real time.

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