How a Businessman Can Secretly Monitor the Screens of His Employees?

The use of monitoring apps at workplace is common these days. Companies and employers have become more conscious about the activities of their employees. In the past, many cases have been reported when the insiders caused losses to the bosses. After that, companies started using tracking apps to monitor their staff.

Different methods of monitoring staff are used. Most of the companies have installed cameras at workplace. This is a common option throughout the world. Going further, many employers use software and tools to monitor the computer activities of their employees. However, many use the advanced options of using monitoring apps to spy on the phones of the staff.

The last method is what we are going to talk about there. In the next sections we will discuss the benefits of using such apps, how to secretly monitor screen of phones and what employers should know when they want to do this.

Monitoring Screens of Employees

In order to monitor the screen of the phones of your staff, you will need a very good and well-reputed spy app. This is also a problem for many people to choose the android spyware app when it comes to tracking the employees. We have made it easy for you. BlurSPY is an ideal option for everyone who wants to monitor their employees.

This spy app provides you with all the latest and best features you will need to track your staff. In order to monitor the screen of the phone of your employees, you will need screen recorder feature. BlurSPY provides this feature to its users. It is a very effective tool when you have to spy on any apps and even hack them remotely.

First, install the app on the target phone of your employee. In order to install the app, you will need to download the app on the target phone. It will take not more than five minutes to download and install the app on the given phone. When you are done with installation, you can start tracking the phone.

You can use multiple features at the same time. BlurSPY has a wide range of features. But the best one and relevant in your case is screen recorder. This feature allows the users to track every app installed the phone, capture the screen, hack social media, monitor calls as well as internet and browsing history.

What Can You Capture with This Feature?

The screen recorder feature is a versatile option for any person. It is not just for one app. You can capture every app on the target phone. For example, all social media apps can be tracked with this feature. You will also have access to the private chats and conversations. You will also be able to see what the users share on their apps and what they do.

What Employers Need to Know About Monitoring?

We discussed how the employers can capture the screens of the phones of their staff. But the most important thing is to understand the rules and laws in this regard. For companies, it is pertinent to understand the basic rules otherwise they can face lawsuits and troubles from the employees.

In every country, there are federal as well as state laws that guide the employers how they can track their staff. The basic rule is that employers should get the permissions of the staff. This can be a written consent or verbal permission. Without it, you cannot monitor your staff. Then you have to tell the staff what kind of data you will collect.

Employees should be informed if you want to track their phone calls or locations. Next important thing is to ensure transparency in the data collection. Any form of data acquired through tracking should be protected. It must not be available to anyone but the employees only. Employers should track the staff within the limits and any violation can lead to legal troubles.


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