How Should You Brand Yourself?

Before you focus on branding your business, you must worry about how you brand yourself. Personal branding is important. Here’s why. After I had written a piece about the importance of personal branding, a lot of you emailed me to ask how to do the branding.

Today, I am going to share some tips which I have learnt about branding yourself. Before that, I want you to get into the right mindset. Think like your manager! Think as if you’re working on branding a client (which in this case is ‘you’). You need to be determined, cautious, practical, consistent and professional and everything you would want your brand manager to be. Ready! Let’s begin discussing how you can brand yourself.

1. Express yourself

I have seen this especially while working with writers. They come up with a book, talk about it and then go into hibernation until their next book comes out if it does. Come on! You’re a writer. No one should be expecting you to express, it is too obvious that you should. Same goes with any other person who wants to brand himself. You need to stand up for some causes. Let people know what you stand for and what you condemn. The main idea behind is becoming relatable and real for your target audience/potential customers to make a strong connection.

2. Brand yourself as a leader

Make yourself a problem solver. Remember that every outgoing personality isn’t fit enough to be a leader. A leader is one who is more worried about solutions than getting on the stage to address the crowd. Many people think branding means staying in the limelight. It doesn’t matter unless you’re there for the right reasons. So, start trying to help whomever you can in whatever way possible.

3. Think as if you’re a product

If you’re ever confused about how you need to brand yourself, start thinking how you would want to brand your startup. The overall strategy would almost be the same. Set a vision, work hard on it and look for easy shortcuts through productivity tools.

4. Portray yourself as a learner

It’s a bad idea to pretend that you know everything. Often, you sound stupid and start losing the people who trust you. Rather, strive to learn, improve and repeat. Think about people, their problems and learn how you can address them in a better way every single time. Learn every day. Begin with reading books.

5. Try not to offend people

Sometimes you do it unknowingly. The colours you choose for branding purposes, words you use, pictures you share – all of these are necessary, but they can have a tremendous impact on your brand if you get careless. For example, IKEA once air-brushed women out of their catalogue in a particular country and became a victim to worldwide condemnation. If only they had been careful, such humiliation could have been prevented. Your personal brand requires equal diligence as your startup brand.


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