How to make your design stand out?

Designing is art and a talent that requires both originality and creativity. Many design companies can turn out a good design but the ones that count are those who can craft designs that stand out. Like Pehchaan studio.

Learn from Pehchaan studio the tricks to make your design stand out.

Ways to make your design stand out

Pehchaan studio has ages of experience in graphic designing. They are experts in creating all kinds of logos for both companies and brands. With many a trick up their sleeve, Pehchaan studio shares some of their tips below to make a stunning design.

  1. Let the design conform to the brand

If the design has to be done for a bike brand, then the design must have some element to do with it. The design should conform to the product and brand. If the design is not relevant to the product category, it will not make sense or stand out.

  1. Create a consistent design

The design you create must be consistent throughout. It should appear the same everywhere. Be it on hoardings, posters, newspaper ads or TV ads or online media, the design should be represented uniformly everywhere.

To get such a consistent design, select 2 fonts that are distinct and unique to your brand. Use one for headlines and another for body text. Choose 2 different colors for these fonts and maintain them throughout. Also choose a background color to show these fonts clearly.

  1. Focus on the alignment

Alignment is very important in the design. Alignment refers to the spacing of the design elements. In a good design, the border spacing should be perfect- neither too narrow nor too wide. The spacing between the images and text should be even. and the text and images should not overlap. Overall, the design should be balanced.

  1. Choose colors wisely

A good design stands out on account of its clever choice of colours and layout. Use eye-catching colours that can make your design stand out at a distance. Do not use colours which are  part of trademarks like Coca cola Red or Tiffany Blue. Make sure to use contrast colours for background and text. A wise choice of colors is  what makes a design stand out from the rest of the crowd.

  1. Readability is the key

Is your design readable from afar? If you have a good image and a great content, make sure both are legible equally. Place the text on the blank space  in the image and not on the exact visual of the image. Use light text on a dark background or vice versa to get the best results. Use filters to adjust the background and foreground colours and remove flaws.

  1. Perfect resolution counts

Use good quality images to get a great design. Never use low-grade pixelated images or those with watermarks. Let the images you use be at least 1Mb in size. Logos must be at least 1 MB in size. Use good images, mostly free stock ones. The ones shot exclusively for you by a professional photographer are the best. For product designs, this matters.

  1. Careful with the content

Using crisp and crunchy content is fine for a great design. But it should convey the right meaning. Use the right words and avoid using slang or jargon until absolutely necessary. Double check the spelling and punctuation.

A  design  can be exceptional and outstanding only when it is conceived by a dedicated designing company like Pehchaan studio.

Pehchaan studio have not only experience but great expertise in graphic designing and their enviable client list tells it all.


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