Intra Company Transfer

Employees who are working in a company that has branches in various countries of the world then those workers can get a work visa for that specified country where their company has its branch. Intra Company Transfer allows any company to migrate its workers to Canada if the company has its working branch, affiliate company or subsidiary in Canada. When a company brings workers from foreign countries then they have to apply for LMIA(LMIA Application)but in the case of Intra Company Transfer, LMIA is not required. This reduces the processing time for visas and makes it easier as well as cost-effective. Bringing qualified employees from other countries adds value to the Canadian Labor Market with their enhanced skills and expertise. Workers can be migrated from any country but only at one term and that is the worker migrated should be working in the main branch, sub-branch, affiliated company or subsidiary of the same company.

Categories of Intra Company Transfer

Following three types of workers can be migrated to another country through Intra Company Transfer program:

  • Executives: A worker who is controlling or supervising the management level works of the company with high-level authorities to deal with management related works. If a worker holds the power to change or make new rules of the company’s policies then that worker is eligible for a work visa for Canada through Intra Company Transfer.
  • Senior Managers: Workers who manage other managers and workers of the company are called senior managers. A worker who is a senior manager in any branch of the company is eligible to get a work visa for Canada if the branch in Canada lacks stability in management.
  • Skilled Workers: Skilled workers are those workers who possess unique skills and expertise in those skills. They can be migrated to provide their best skills to the Canadian branch of the company that will also be helpful for the Canadian Labor Market.

Workers falling any category mentioned above must have more than one year of full time working experience in the same company.

Duration of Work Permit under Intra Company Transfer

Generally, the work visa obtained using Intra Company Transfer is valid for one year but it can be renewed if needed. For renewal process there are few things to consider that are as follows:

  • Canadian companies and foreign companies should have an ongoing relationship with each other.
  • Office in Canada should be up and running well in the past year where services and goods must be in continuous provision.
  • The Canadian office must have proper staff recruitment done in it.

Permanent residency for Intra Company Transfer Workers

Workers who migrate to Canada under the Intra Company Transfer program are eligible for permanent residency if they wish to choose to live in Canada permanently. As per conditions, applicable workers who are migrated under the Intra Company Transfer Program don’t need LMIA that increases their Comprehensive Ranking Score needed for permanent residency application. There are great chances for workers not to become permanent residents of Canada under the Intra Company Transfer program. People who work in Canada in any company will have their chances to become a permanent resident of Canada. There is no stipulation of accepting permanent residency for Canada for the workers who go to Canada under Intra Company Transfer. It is up to them if they want to live there or not.

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