Is Your Website Lost on Google? Here’s What You Need…

If your website is not getting listed on Google’s first couple of pages then it might as well not exist. The fact is when people search they are rarely making a move beyond the second page. That’s the bottom line and that is what new online companies are facing every day.  So, what do you need to fix that? You need an SEO professional who understands Google tactics and knows what needs to be done to get some visibility in the search results. Once your site gets in the results, that web traffic is going to start flowing to your homepage – SEE HERE.

A Complex World

There are a lot of myths regarding how to achieve good search ranks on Google. Any newbie who’s actually tried to get results will be aware of that… usually after wasting several months of their own valuable time. Incredibly, some people think it is easy to get their website up on the first page. Really, they could not be any further from the truth. Google is a massive and very complex world that consistently changes to ensure people using this search engine are sent to the ‘best’ sites matching their search. How it decides this is not by any means simple. If it was, you probably would not be here reading this…

Be Realistic

If you want to fly to the moon you need a good pilot as well as a solid spaceship. Your website is the ship and your pilot is the SEO guy. Optimising a website is an important factor than many overlook. Today Google not only takes into consideration the content, it also assesses its speed, loading times and ease of use, as well as a whole list of other performance related points. Indeed, there are many boxes to be ticked before the Google machine will start to take notice. An experienced SEO guy knows which buttons to hit and how to get your ship moving in the right direction. If all you needed was cheap software left on auto-pilot everyone would be sticking their flag into moon craters by now. That’s the logic and also the fact! Be realistic and get the right experts in to do the job – SEE HERE.

What is SEO – Really?

Most know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. But what exactly does that mean in real terms? The initial steps of SEO requires your site to be evaluated in relation to what the search engines look for when choosing who hits the top spots for a search enquiry. It involves analysing the site’s mapping, structure, speed, layouts and usually comparing them to your competitors. Researching key words and phrases is undoubtedly one of the most important tasks: Especially if you are a newcomer in a very competitive sector. It takes experience to find those niche word and phrases that are going to get your website seen.

It is very easy to get lost in Google’s massive search space. If you want to make your mark then you are going to need the help of an experienced SEO professional – If you do not, you could be heading back to earth lot faster than you think.


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