License and Registry Services Offered in Edmonton

Whether you are purchasing land or a vehicle, starting a business or company, or acquiring vital documents and do not want to spend hours on unnecessarily long queues, you are the best candidate for registry services. Fortunately, you can find well-known companies that have specialized in providing a range of registry services. They are equipped with very robust systems that are designed to ensure efficient and quick service delivery.

License and Registry Services Offered in Edmonton

If you are based in Edmonton and are in need of quick and reliable registry services, you can find renowned companies that can help. These companies have fully accredited and highly-qualified staff that are experienced in providing a range of online services for all of your land title, corporate as well as property registry needs. Whether you need help with the acquisition of a driving license, company incorporation or business registration in Edmonton, these experts can help. Some of the services that can be provided by Alberta registries in Edmonton include:

1. Personal Property Registry Search and Registration

Canadian law usually requires all security interests, bankruptcy registrations, liens and judgments (writs of enforcement) to be registered and the information is normally placed on the robust Personal Property Registry System. This usually helps with:
a) Determining priorities during property recovery or distribution
b) Providing evidence of authorization either for seizure or garnishment,
c) Providing creditors, landlords and financial institutions with vital credit information on the debtors

For this reason, it is vital to search the system before you purchase or accept personal property. The search will enable you to know whether the property is also subject to any other registration as well as protect your rights as a buyer or creditor. And these experts can help you with the searches.

2. Vital Statistics Services

These agencies are also well-placed to quickly provide you with vital statistic certificates. They normally order these certificates online. These things are printed and delivered to their offices for verification. Some of the certificates they can help you to acquire include:
a) A birth certificate or still birth documents
b) A marriage certificate as well as
c) Death certificate.

3. Vehicle Registration and Reminder Services

Alberta registries in Edmonton can also help you register your newly acquired vehicle. Here, they will require you to provide the vehicle information, personal information as well as your address. If you want to modify or update this information, these agencies can also assist you with this. Moreover, with their e-reminder services, you do not need to wait for a reminder notice from the government in order to renew your vehicle’s license plate, driver’s card or identification, as that will be sent to you via email or text.

Other key registry services that are offered by Alberta registries in Edmonton include commissioner of oaths services, land title searches and registration, healthcare insurance registration, company incorporation, court house searches, and translation of legal documents. The best thing about their services is that they are affordable, quick and convenient, as you do not need to make numerous trips to the concerned offices or endure long lines. Whether you need help with vehicle registration, acquisition of vital documents or business registration in Edmonton, these agencies can help.


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