Opt for Dye Sublimation Lanyards to Maximize Your Brand Awareness

A lanyard is a cord generally worn around the neck and used to hold stuff such as identification card and keys. It is common accessory used in corporations, hospitals, businesses, educational institutions, prisons, trade fairs and conferences. There are different types of lanyards each having its own advantages. Read about each and see which works well for your needs.

Lanyard types:

  • Dye sublimated lanyard: It belongs to the category of high-performance lanyards. They are bright and colorful.
  • Woven lanyard: The logos and designs are woven on the lanyard rather than printed. They are ideal for simple logos.
  • Polyester imprinted lanyard: It is made of high-quality polyester material and logos are imprinted on them. They are one of the popular choices because of its price and durability.
  • Nylon imprinted lanyard: It is similar to polyester but the material is shinier and hence the imprinted logo is better visible. It is comparatively thicker than polyester.
  • Tubular imprinted lanyard: Made from tube-stitched polyester material, the design is heat pressed printed on to the material. They don’t lose shape easily.

When it comes to durability dye-sublimated lanyards win hands-down. If you are going to be providing them to your employees, durability is an important concern and sublimated lanyards tick the box. They are stylish too making them perfect for promotions. Looking for sublimated ones?

Check out the website of Custom Earth Promos. They are a popular pick among organizations in Florida for customized eco-friendly lanyards. All of their products are made from 100% recycled materials and are highly customizable. Your employees would appreciate your efforts to promote eco-friendly solutions.

More on dye sublimated lanyards:

Sublimation refers to the transition of a substance from solid to gas form. For instance: When subjected to heat, dry ice turns to fog. Likewise, the process involved in dye sublimated lanyard is imprinting the logo//design on a special and then heating it. The dye behaves like the dry ice. The dye seeps through the lanyard material and becomes a permanent part of the lanyard.

 It involves a digital printing method which has high resolution printing capabilities. If you are looking to include highly detailed and saturated designs, dye-sublimated ones are the best choice. All it requires is a smooth surface to print the message.

Benefits of choosing dye sublimated lanyards:

  • Natural look: Heat and pressure are used to transfer ink on to the surface of the lanyard. When compared to lanyards which make use of screen printing, the colors are better integrated in this method. The design appears like its woven on to the fabric rather than printed separately.
  • Fast turn-around time: It is possible to replicate a wide array of colors and producing dye-sublimated ones require only minimal set up time thus offering fast turn-around time.
  • Does not fade easily: The printed design lasts as long as the lanyard itself. You won’t notice any fading.

Dye sublimated lanyards give your design a bold look and offers enhanced brand exposure. This show stopping lanyard would undoubtedly make heads turn.


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