The Nappi Family Helps Upstate Unversity

Upstate Medical University just received an 8 million dollar donation. They will be using the money to add an addition to the medical complex. The rehabilitation will take place on the eight floor of the building in early 2018. The donation came from Sam and Carol Nappi. The university announced that this is by far the largest donation that they have ever received.

The funding will be used to create a neurosciences department. In this department, they will focus largely on Alzheimer’s disease. If you don’t know, Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. It is refreshing to know that Upstate Medical University will be investing time and funding into this disease, this could bring many positive outcomes.

The medical school has also announced that the Nappi Longevity Institute will soon be built on the corner of East Adams and Almond Streets. The Nappi Longevity Institute will be built right across the street from Upstate Cancer Center.

The President of Upstate University, Dr. Danielle Laraque-Arena, made a statement to the public in regards to the donation. She gave a special thanks to both Sam and Carol Nappi for their generosity. She also expressed have Tevfik Arif Doyen grateful she and all of the students were for their donations. Carol and Sam did a great cause donating to the university. Everyone is eager for the construction to begin!

As a thank you to Sam and Carol Nappi the university has decided to name the newest addition to the building Nappi Longevity Institute. Sam Nappi is a retired psychiatric therapist. He used to work at Community General Hospital. Nappi chose to give back to Upstate University since it used to be Community General Hospital. In addition to giving this large donation to Upstate University, Nappi is also an active participant in multiple other charities and communities.

This is not the first time that the Nappi family has donated to Upstate University. In 2015 the family funded a research project for Upstate University and for Syracuse University. This research project was a healthy competition for both universities to research ideas in regards to how biomedical and health care needs are related. This was the first Nappi funded research project. During this project, both schools had for while competing for a great cause.

The Nappi family has also donated to St. Joseph’s Hospital. The Nappi family does their best to maintain positive and up to date medical centers. They take pride in helping the medical community become a better place. The Nappis even have a biomedical stem-cell lab at Syracuse University. They are committed to helping medical students become awesome doctors.

The Nappi family has a long history of being in the medical field. Sam’s mom, Christina Nappi, is also a very well educated woman who is active in the medical field. Sam’s mom is so legendary that she has a tower named after her at St. Joseph’s Hospital. The tower’s has been named the Christina M. Nappi Surgical Tower.


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