Things You Need To Know While Buying Shipping Labels

Faded and smudged shipping labels often lead to problems like difficulty in scanning barcode or delivering the products at right destination within the limited time. It also leaves a bad impression on the customers to have blurred or damaged shipping labels. The answer to all these problems is Dymo shipping label which is bestowed with significant features. Timely and accurate delivery is possible only when you have premium quality shipping labels for your packaging boxes.

A shipping label generally contains essential information regarding shipping such as the contents, destination address, source address, barcode and even handling instructions.

Thus, it is most important for logistics companies, shipping companies, manufacturers and suppliers to have pristine quality Dymo shipping labels so that concerned personnel can easily perceive the information as it is intended to. In fact, most of the companies have pre-defined guidelines regarding the layout, size, material and contents of shipping label. Dymo labels are able to meet all these guidelines. Even, a supply chain management system seems incomplete if it doesn’t make use of appropriate shipping labels. Moreover, labels aren’t only used on main packaging containers but also on the inner packages to make sure that whole shipping process runs smoothly without any confusion.

To ease you up with the decision making process, here I am mentioning some basic things that you should be aware of while ordering shipping labels.

  • You can opt between blank and colored labels. Labels come with adhesive on one side. They can be easily printed at your facility with the help of a regular printer and if there is some issue, you can buy Label Writer 450 for PC and Mac to print Dymo Shipping labels as both are compatible.
  • Commonly, colored labels contain the logo of your company and/or other details like address and contact details. They contain usually small blank area where you can print the receiver’s address easily.
  • For colored labels, there is plethora of color choices to choose from. For example, you can opt any range from 1 to 7 spot colors or 4-color label.
  • A perforation is left between each individual label to ensure that two labels are separated without tearing each other and can be easily pulled without much force.
  • Dymo labels are highly suitable to be used for printing large formats in over sixty sizes. Due to availability in different styles, sizes and colors, you can use these labels as warehouse labels, barcode labels, identification labels, bulk mailing labels, etc.
  • It is best to have labels which can be printed using direct thermal printing machines, otherwise, you will need to spend on specialized ribbons, toners and ink cartridges.

By going through these points, it would be cleared to you that what to look for while buying shipping labels for packaging purpose. Make your shipping process smooth and hurdles free by using high quality shipping labels.


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