35 Best Places to Visit in Shimla on Your Soothing 2020 Weekend Getaway!

Shimla is one of the most visited tourist spots in India where people from all over the world come every year to witness the beautiful sights of nature. Shimla is chosen as the no.1 spot for spending holidays by individuals and families because there you will find a number of tourist spots that attract people of various interests. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the 35 Best locations that you can visit in Shimla during your holidays:

  1. Summer Hills: It is one of the top-rated tourist places in Shimla where you can enjoy the beautiful sights of the town from hills where Sunset and Sunrise are the best times to enjoy the beauty of nature. You can stay in 5 star hotels in Mashobra and visit the place in the early morning or evening times.
  2. IIAS Building: Indian Institute of Advanced Studies is another visiting place when you are on holiday in Shimla as the building is crafted with a very beautiful structure that gives a soothing experience to the eyes of the beholder.
  3. Hawa Ghar: This is another place in Shimla where people love to visit as this place is located on a good height from where you can view the town completely which gives aesthetic looks. You can choose to live in luxury hotels in Mashobra in order to make your visit even more comfortable in Shimla.
  4. Prospect Hill: This is another place to visit in Shimla where you will find very beautiful scenes along with a beautiful temple made for worshipping Goddess Kamna Devi.
  5. Jakhu Ropeway: This ropeway connects Ridge and Jakhu Temple where you can reach to Jakhu Temple in 5 minutes while viewing some astonishing sights from the ropeway.
  6. Kuthar Fort: Kuthar Fort is a historical building that you can visit during your holidays as there you will find mind-blowing pools and gardens at this place.
  7. Kiala Forest: Kiala is a lush green and a very dense forest area where you can visit if you are an adventure lover along with sightseeing.
  8. Viceregal Lodge: It is another one of the beautiful buildings in Shimla that has a historical value and the place is so big that it will require about 6 hours seeing the place completely. So you can book a room in family hotels in Mashobra in order to stay there and visit the place completely.
  9. Annandale: This is an absolute paradise for sports lovers especially for golf lovers as there is a mini-golf course where you can enjoy some golf playing.
  10. Jakhoo Hill: This is the highest peak in Shimla where Jakhu Temple is located in which 108 feet tall statue of Lord Hanuman is a must-see.
  11. The Scandal Point Ridge: It is one of the flat areas here in Shimla from where you can see the snow-capped mountains and other views of Shimla.
  12. The Shimla State Museum: If you are curious to know about the rich heritage and culture of the state then you must visit Shimla State Museum where you will also find aesthetic lawns to chill.
  13. Green Valley: Green Valley is one of the best places that have featured in Bollywood movies and the location is quite exotic for nature lovers.
  14. Lakkar Bazaar: This is the market in Shimla where you will find many objects made of wood that are used as showpieces in homes and offices.
  15. Chail: Chail is a place that is mostly visited by cricket lovers as there is the highest cricket pitch in Chail and the Chail palace is also a treat to watch there for its beautiful architecture.
  16. Kufri: This is a winter sports capital where you can go skiing and ice skating in the winter season.
  17. Tara Devi Temple: This is a religious place located at the top of the hill that makes sightseeing awesome from this place.
  18. Naldehra and Shaily Peak: If you want to see the most beautiful sunset and sunrise in Shimla then this is the must-visit place for you.
  19. Chadwick Falls: In order to see the enthralling view of the waterfall from 1586 meters and surroundings of pine tree Chadwick Falls is your best destination.
  20. Mall Road: If you are a shopaholic person then this is the paradise for you as you will find a number of items to buy from this market.
  21. Johnnie’s Wax Museum: This is a place that you can visit with your family as there you will find life-size wax statues of Indian and international celebrities.
  22. Himalayan Bird Park: This is the best place for nature and bird lovers where you can see a number of different species of birds in Shimla.
  23. Christ Church: This is the second oldest Church found in India with brilliant sightseeing where you can spend some leisure time with yourself and nature. You can book economic hotels in Mashobra in order to stay and visit all the places in Shimla.
  24. Pabbar Valley: This is a place nearby Shimla where you will find a number of sights to see and this is the best place for trekking.
  25. Bantony Castle: This is a heritage site in Shimla that is made of wood and there are lush green lawns around this building.
  26. Gorton Castle: This is another heritage site of Shimla that is over a century old and has the architectural beauty to soothe your eyes.
  27. Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex: This is located at Mall Road and the building has Gothic style designs. You can book one of the budget hotels in Mashobra and visit this place from there.
  28. Tattapani: This is a place around Shimla where you will find many temples and historical buildings to visit and there you will find many natural types of scenery as well.
  29. Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary: In order to witness the real greenery of Shimla this place is must visit and you will also find many different species of animals living here simultaneously.
  30. Baba Bhalku Railway Museum: In order to see various types of engines and aspects of the construction of Railway in Shimla this museum is the best for you.
  31. Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary: This place is over 1000 acres lush green area where you will find a variety of flora and fauna to satisfy your nature-loving spirit.
  32. Kali Bari Temple Shimla: It is the best place for those who want to visit a place with religious values and nature’s beauty. You can choose one of the best hotels in Mashobra to stay there until your holidays end.
  33. Narkanda: This place is around 60 kilometers away from Shimla and it is a kind of stop place for people visiting Spiti Valley from Shimla.
  34. Army Heritage Museum: A place for those who want to listen about the thrilling stories of the bravery of Indian Army soldiers. You will also find different types of souvenirs belonged to the Indian Army.
  35. Rani Jhansi Park: This is a place dedicated to the Rani Jhansi where people come to enjoy sightseeing and it is one of the best picnic spots in Shimla.


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