5 awesome calendar printing ideas

New Year is here and with it new calendars too. Well, if you are a person who prints calendars and gifts them annually to clients and employees; it’s time you start thinking about some great ideas for calendar printing.

Breathe in fresh air into calendar printing for 2019 with these awesome ideas and watch your clients and employees grab them eagerly as their prized possessions.

Awesome ideas for 2019 calendar printing

  1. Go Eco

Yes, 2019 is going to be a big year for eco-conservation. Several countries are minimizing or banning the use of plastic and there is a lot of talk about global warming and the preservation of our ecosystem. Why don’t you join the eco-club by printing a calendar on eco-conservation?

Your eco-calendar can have a theme of “Save the earth” where the topic can be delineated as saving our planet’s resources of land, water and its flora and fauna. You can use arresting images to draw the viewer’s attention to land, water and air pollution. Or you can show images of how the earth’s resources are getting depleted. You can display statistics in a single line on water wasted, land eroded or trees felled.

Better still, you can suggest ways to preserve the earth’s resources like rainwater harvesting, avoiding the use of CFCs, organic recycling, and composting. Such useful and informative content will make your calendar valued item in both visuals and content.

Go the extra length and even print your calendar on recycled paper to prove your eco-consciousness.

  1. Go Organic

Organic is the new fad in 2019. Everyone is talking about the ill-effects of processed, preserved and packaged food. Design your calendar on the organic theme. Make it lush and colorful with vibrant photos of fruits and vegetables grown organically. Use pictures of organic farms, home roof gardens and greenhouses. Show the difference between vegetables grown with organic fertilizers versus the chemical ones.

Show your seriousness about the causes by printing your calendar completely using organic dyes. Your trusted print provider can definitely help you with this cause.

  1. Go Techie

Technology is always the trend for every New Year. Show what technological advancements are forthcoming in 2019.

Technology is such a fascinating theme to use for a calendar with plenty of ideas blooming forth for you. You can use images of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, edge computing, machine learning,  IoT, augmented reality, Robotic Process Automation and so on.

Better still, you can show what technological advancements have been done to products in your business. Show how you have embraced technology o market your brand and business. This might be a good opportunity to create brand visibility through your calendar printing.

  1. Go selfie

Selfies are the craze these days. So why be the exception? Let your calendar printing be “selfies” this year. Let it feature your selfies with your colleagues, your employees, important client, business associates and even your products.

Click candid selfies with a professional camera and use these images to create a story for your calendar printing. Let each selfie have a story to tell which you can even promote on social media as a #selfiecalendar.

This novel calendar idea will really be an ideal gift for your employees and business associates.

  1. Go Branding

Let your calendar printing for 2019 be totally about your brand. Use product photos, product manufacturing clicks, photos of packaging in the process and all other stages of product development to create a fine brand story. To add extra effect, add a customer testimonial on each page to prove the credibility of your product and enhance your corporate image.

To go further, you can even showcase any awards or recognitions you have gained for your product or feature newspaper clips of product reviews on your calendar pages.

Your calendar is your best tool for brand visibility and promotion. Use it to the maximum effect with such innovative ideas in 2019.


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