5 Ways to Differentiate Name Badges

A name badge is a must in every organization that has direct engagement with customers. This is why hospitality, healthcare and retail sectors invariably use name badges.

The basic prerequisite for a name badge is that it should bear the individual’s name and designation, preferably along with the Company logo. These details must be clearly printed and legible. The name badge should also be of lasting quality made of rugged material and with its lettering being indelible and resistant to wear and tear.

With these requirements in mind, we must design the name badges for your company. Before that, let us explore the different types of name badges.

Types of Name Badges

Name badges are of different types depending on certain factors

  1. Usage Duration

Depending on their duration of use, name badges can be permanent or temporary.

Permanent name badges: These name badges are meant for people in superior or managerial positions and for those who serve the organization in a special capacity. These name badges may be made of metal or plastic but they invariably carry the company Logo often with the individual’s credentials.

Temporary name badges: These name badges are used for those employment positions that are transitory or can easily be changed. They are also used for guests. These temporary or reusable badges are allotted to people who can resign, get transferred or promoted at any instant.

This is why such badges are often made of plastic with the designation permanently marked. The name area is left blank with a provision for filling in and this can be changed later. Marketing or Sales Executives, Receptions or Security staff often carry these reusable name badges.

  1. Material Used

Next, name badges can be differentiated with regard to the material used. They are of the following types:

Metal name badges: These name badges have a royal look and are used by professional organizations. Hospitality and healthcare provider often use these badges to enhance their corporate image.

Plastic name badges: From the budget point of view, this name budget is economical. This is why the retail sector, IT companies and security agencies use these badges.

  1. Printing Type

‘Printing type’ is another way to sort out name badges. Name badges are of different types depending on the type of printing used, as seen below.

Screen-printed name badges: Plastic name badges are often screen- printed. They come in different colours and are both efficient and economical.

Digitally-printed name badges: If you intend to print your logo on the badge, it is better to go in for digital printing. Digitally-printed name badges have a perfect and flawless rendition of your logo.

Laser-engraved name badges: Metal badges often used  Laser-engraving to give a regal and dignified look. These badges are expensive yet eye-catching as their clear-cut lettering never fails to catch the eye of the customer.

  1. Badge Shape

Spherical badges: These button badges are quite popular at events and trade fairs. They are simple yet effective in brand awareness and promotion.

Horizontal badges: Square or rectangular, these badges are the regular ones mostly used. They are easy to manufacture and dignified to look.

Moulded name badges-some companies prefer to have badges printed in special shapes for their brand visibility. Such badges are usually made of plastic by injection moulding. These badges are instantly eye-catching with their arresting shape and design.

  1. Logo

With Logo: A logo is a facet of the brand. Name badges with the company logo enhance visibility and corporate status and give a professional look.

Without Logo– Third -party agencies and service providers use such logo-less name badges. These badges without the logo are good for employees on deputation, projects, or temporary basis. These badges are also normally used in organizations which have their own uniforms to project the nature of work f the employee.

Security personnel often use such badges. Even the police force, nurses or physicians use such badges as their uniform will suffice to show the organization they belong to.

Those are the five ways to differentiate name badges.

There is so much to a name badge than just a name. A lot of attention has to be paid to render details perfectly on the name badge. This is why customized name badge printing is best entrusted to experts for perfect results.


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