6 Ways to Maximize Your Public Relations Efforts

Public relations can be defined as a strategic communication activity that helps in developing relationships which are mutually beneficial for the public and the organization. It is sometimes also defined as the act of supervising communication between both.

The public relations strategy of a company helps in dealing with the company reputation; it also helps in exposing the business to other audiences and also helps in communicating with other people in the right manner. The PR efforts of a company help in disseminating information and are a major part of its branding strategy. Today, the world is digital and information spreads faster than fire. Thus, each and every business needs to have its PR strategy in place. There are some tips discussed below which can help in maximizing the PR efforts of a company:

Implement Multi-Media for Enhancing PR

Today, visual media is the biggest source of promoting a company’s PR efforts because bloggers, journalists, and consumers respond much better to visual media. Producers, bloggers, writers, and editors are willing to spend much more time on features that utilize cool videos and images. Visual marketing of content helps in guiding the consumers visually to their articles. This tip can be associated with the case of Marsha Lazareva where visual marketing of the various facts and figures has finally got her bail from 10 years of imprisonment.

Design and share newsworthy content

PR efforts are not worthy if the content is not relevant and compelling. Good content attracts media coverage and pulls the attention of the customers. Thus, a company must ensure that their content is newsworthy and the information shared is beneficial or interesting for the target audience and the journalists.

Take out time to develop relationships with the important reporters

It is important to develop good rapport with the reporters who interact with the competitors and particular sectors regularly. It is important to read the reviews and articles of a reporter before contacting them to ensure that the one who is contacted is suitable. It is equally important to earn their trust by offering them insightful, timely and relevant comments. The basic idea is to present you as an authoritative and reliable commentator which requires persistence and time.

Master advanced tools

Today, it is quite a sensible step to put up a story on Facebook or tweet using a link detailing the story. Rather than conducting a press conference, it is better to share the news and reports via a meeting with a digital journalist. The traditional tools and ways are still important but using new influencers and types of media refine the ways of doing a job in a better manner.

Develop new skills

PR efforts need to be inculcated with new skills to maximize the outcomes and opportunities. Today, everything has gone digital which has made visual impact more significant than persuasive writing. Digital PR has paved new styles of thinking with respect to content. Traditionally, the focus has been on earned media and later social media distorted the lines between earned and paid media. Also, owned content became quite popular as agencies and companies took up blogging and using branded websites. Majority of the PR efforts include the implementation of the PESO model- Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned content for driving brand awareness, search visibility and customer engagement.

Focus on the customer

Skills and tools form an important aspect of PR but the success of a company depends largely on shifting from the traditional PR efforts. Traditionally, the focus was mainly devoted to journalists but with the growth of bloggers, there was a boost in the influencer economy. Today, PRs are responsible for designing viral content which involves the customers directly. This calls for advanced skills of storytelling, new talents and a shift in the mindset of people.

The above tips when used in the right manner can maximize the PR efforts of a company to a great extent just like Marsha Lazareva, businesswomen who have been a huge success and have played an important role in promoting her company.


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