A Guide to Lanyard Printing

When the IT and Call center started booming, you could see almost everyone strutting around wearing a thin cord with an ID card around their necks. This is the famous LANYARD that acted as a bearer of personal identification for the wearer by carrying his/her ID card.

Today, Lanyards are used in almost all organizations. Here is a guide to lanyards printing that will help you print your lanyards effectively for your company.

What are lanyards?

Lanyards are straps, cords, ropes, or strings used to carry ID cards and security badges. They are normally worn around the neck, wrist, arm, shoulder or even waist to allow the hands of the wearer to be free for other purposes. They attach the ID card or badge using clips. These clips may be swivel clips, alligator clips, badge reels or carabiner clips. The typical width of a lanyard may be 10, 15 or 20 mm.

Lanyards are made from a variety of materials-cloth like nylon, silk, satin, jute, PET or even leather. They may be plain or printed and are available in various colour shades. They are usually printed with the company name and logo to serve the purpose of both branding and identification.

A guide to successful lanyard printing.

  1. What is your objective in printing lanyards for your company?

The purpose decides the design of the lanyard.

  • If lanyards printing is for employee identification for security reasons, the lanyard must be attached to a badge clip to hold the id card.
  • If you want to use lanyards for distinguishing your employees from visitors, the lanyards have to be printed in multiple colours.
  • If you want to use lanyards for branding. Here the lanyards need to be printed with the company logo, address and tagline etc.
  1. Where will the lanyard be used?

The area of usage of the lanyard decides the design and fabrication of the lanyard.

  • If the lanyards  printing is for IT companies, the lanyard can be made of a high-quality material with a sober and corporate look.
  • Lanyards for factories must be made of rugged materials as they are subject to daily wear and tear.
  • Retail stores prefer stylish and flashy lanyards for a fashionable look.
  • Hospitals and educational institutions opt for the lanyards in a colour that matches their uniform.
  1. What is your budget for lanyard printing?

Your budget for lanyards printing is going to decide the type, quality and design of the lanyards. Lanyards printing is economical in price, especially when done in bulk. But if you want to design a trendy or fashionable lanyard, the cost might go up. Some IT companies also attach lanyards with USBs. Here too, the cost would increase. So all depends on your style and purpose of the lanyard.

  1. What will be printed on the lanyard?

A lanyard used for carrying the ID card for security reasons will have just the company name and logo on it. But a lanyard used for branding can have the company’s logo, name, address and even tagline on it.

  1. What is the size of the lanyard?

The size of the lanyard is decided by what is printed on it. If it has only the company name and logo, a shorter lanyard would do. If it has the company’s address or its message printed on it, it will be a longer or thicker lanyard.

  1. What is the colour of the lanyard?

Lanyard printing can be done in single or multi-colour, depending on their use.

While opting for lanyard printing, select a reliable supplier for your lanyards printing on the basis of his expertise and experience in the field.


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