Cleaning tips for towels at home (Best laundry services in gurgaon) Believe it or not, towels are the one of the dirtiest piece of cloth in our homes. Be it the bath towel, face towel, or hand towel all are used on everyday basis and it should be at least be washed after every 2-3 days. It is also a matter of maintaining personal hygiene and being healthy.

Read below some tips from to know further details about the cleaning tips for the towels. We are sure that these tips are going to be very helpful and informative for you.

  1. Wash often: One should always wash the towels very often. This is the most important factor and should not be avoided at any cost. If you do not maintain hygiene in your towels, they might leads to infections or skin infection.
  2. Never leave damp towels lying anywhere in a room: Always put the used towel on the cloth line to dry it completely. Never leave a damp towel in a room or lying around in any corner as it will lead to a very foul smell and also can increase the chances of bacterial/fungal growth on it
  3. Wash with hot or lukewarm water: Though this might not be applicable to most, but for majority of the towels, it is a good idea to wash them off with hot/lukewarm water. It helps you with deep cleaning of the towel
  4. Color bleeding: In case of coloured towels, one should always to a ‘bleed test’ by soaking a corner in water and then squeezing it out to check. There are chances that dark colour towels bleed colour
  5. Use half the detergent: Always use only half quantity of the detergent that youthink is correct, as the extra scoop of it will not help it in any way. It might rather make it rough and very difficult to get it absolutely rid of the detergent even after rinsing
  6. Use vinegar: While rinsing the towels, add some vinegar in the tub. This will not only help you in disinfecting but also make it cleaner. Don’t be afraid of any foul smell later, as there is absolutely no such side effects
  7. Wash them separately: Don’t ash towels along with your regular clothes for primarily sanitary purpose. Secondly, considering the towels are thicker they need more time get dried in the dryer, some different/milder detergent, temperature of water at which these are being washed, etc.
  8. Wash before first use: Most of the towels that we buy have a silicone or other chemicals/solutions coating that makes it fluffier when you see them at the store. These chemicals reduces the absorption and hence it should be given a wash before first use so that it actually helps you absorb effectively


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