Four Ways To Increase Employee Engagement In 2019

Just because your employees are regular and on time, it does not necessarily mean that they are happy and engaged. Engaged employees have a strong emotional and functional connection that in turn helps the company reach its goals. For instance, engaged employees:

  • Perform beyond their expectations and deliver that performance on a consistent basis
  • Take on extra projects and responsibilities
  • Assist their co-workers
  • Represent their company in a positive way
  • Talk positively about the organisation
  • Participate in training activities and continued learning
  • Are open to feedback and constructive criticism
  • Are aligned to and support the business’ mission and strategic goals

If you wish to develop this growth in your employees and within your organisation, you need to start by understanding what your company needs and what matters to it the most (in the present as well as the future). Next, collect data and feedback, and turn that into actions for instilling the best practices for engagement in your company. The above mentioned qualities are essential because they are strongly connected to business outcomes such as company’s productivity, profitability and ultimately its financial success.

For instance, you could consider hiring a formula one simulator for your corporate events. F1 simulators are known to give a much needed adrenaline rush to individuals. Imagine having a complete formula one themed event just for your employees to enjoy and relax. This will help in team bonding as well as improve overall employee engagement.

Apart from such fun activities and events, here are four best practices that will help you increase employee engagement in the upcoming year.

1: Before you hire, engage

The process of successful workforce engagement begins well in advance, even before the employees are actually hired by your company. Your hiring process should reflect your corporate culture of engagement and feedback.

Thus, implementing an employee referral program can initiate the engagement process from the beginning. When your existing employees recommend you to their friends for certain job positions, they are basically recommending you as an employer since they are well connected and committed with the core business values, missions and principles.

With the help of an employee referral program, your own employees will guide you towards candidates who not only have the required qualifications, education skills and experience you desire, but also possess the correct personality that fits your company culture.

2: Communicate and connect

Over 75 percent of the working population do not quit their jobs, but quit their bosses. There is nothing more frustrating for an employee than a complete lack in communication between them and their management.

Inefficient conversations not only slows down processes or increases misunderstanding in projects, but it also lead to a decline in the company’s productivity. Thus, encouraging open communications and building strong relationships between the employees and the management will only to lead to workplace satisfaction and achievement.

You can increase employee engagement by making sure that your employees know their feedbacks and opinions are appreciated and valued. By encouraging open communications, your employees will not only have a clear understanding of your expectations and goals, but they will also feel welcome to pitch in ideas and address challenges openly.

A majority part of any employee engagement program includes asking the opinions of members of your workforce on what allows them to do their jobs better and more efficiently.

3: Focus on employee interests

You need to understand that your employees do more than just work for you. Outside the office, there are good chances that your employees have interests beyond their work obligations. When you try to understand what your employees are passionate about, it will show that you are taking some time out of your schedule to know the people who are working for you.

Often, because of deadlines, working hours and other commitments, many employees do not get a chance to engage with their passions. This leads to frustration and loss of engagement at work. As an employer, you can spare at least an hour every month or two, for your employees to explore their hobbies and passion at work. This will increase their overall engagement levels.

4: Use recognition programs

Appreciating your employees and saying ‘thank you’ has many amazing outcomes. Over 87 percent of recognition programs in the UK are focused on tenure and not on organisational performance. Instead of handing out commemorative pins to your employees who have completed 5 or 10 years working for you, look to recognise members of your staff based on specific results and behaviour. This will help in developing a positive company culture.


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