How To Choose the Right Warehouse Pallet Racks

Keeping customers happy means being able to move your products quickly and without error. Running an efficient requires organization, and part of organization is having the proper storage shelves for your supplies. If you are looking to become more organized, you may need new warehouse pallet racks. These guidelines will ensure you purchase the right ones.

Measure the Space

Make sure you have enough room for the pallets you want. In addition to the overall square footage, account for any support pillars, the ceiling height, or other obstacles that could factor into your available room.

Create a Layout

Draw up a blueprint of where you’d like to place your racks. A map will help you determine which size(s) fit best where and help you to create an efficient flow throughout your warehouse. Remember to account for your forklift space in the aisles. Narrow order pickers will only need about 5 feet between aisles, but traditional forklifts or stand-up, deep-reach forklifts will require as much as 12 feet between aisles.

Determine the Dimensions of Your Pallets

Your racks must hold your pallets safely. To ensure they do, you’ll need to know the depth, width, height, and weight of the pallets. If you have pallets of different sizes, you’ll need racks for each type.

Calculate the Dimensions of the Frames

Your pallet racks have frames that you’ll need to calculate into your planning. Your pallets should hang over the racks by 3 inches in the front and back. A 60-inch pallet should sit on a 54-inch rack. Measure the height as well. The frame’s height should be at least 18 inches below the ceiling’s sprinkler system. Remember to consider whether your forklifts can reach the top of the rack as well.

Choose the Right Beam Size

The size of the beams on your pallet racks are important for ensuring they can hold the weight of your merchandise. The minimum is a 3-inch beam that is 144 inches tall. It will hold up to 800 pounds. The maximum is a 6-inch beam that is 96 inches long. It holds as much as 8,000 pounds.

When choosing pallet racks for your warehouse, buy from a reputable dealer such as Simply Rack. Working with a respected company ensures you and your employees are using the safest racks while you work hard to maintain your high-quality shipping status and keep your customers happy.


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