Security Checklist For An Office Building

When it comes to unlawful entry, theft, criminal threats or kidnapping, office buildings are easy targets. But, if you have effective defences and barriers put up, the chances of anything untoward happening is reduced considerably.

But most of us are not sure how to go about securing an office premises. People might not know of the security protocols and standards that should be followed so as to keep office buildings safe from any threats.

Because of inadequate workplace security, there have been several instances of office break-ins and these usually go unreported. That’s because, businesses don’t want to publicise their break-in stories as it makes them appear weak in their market.

Security breaches are perhaps an office’s worst PR nightmares as it can cost the business its equipment, crucial information not to mention its peace of mind as well.

This is why prevention is better than cure.

The set of design principles that are used to put a stopper on criminal activities is known as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). The concept is very easy to understand – buildings and properties are designed with the intention of preventing any damage resulting from the force of the elements and natural disasters, but they should also be designed to prevent crime.

The checklist highlighted in this article can be used to execute CPTED at your commercial facility. You can even use this to improve the security of a home office or a high-rising building.

The four core elements of CPTED have been explained in the article below.

1.  Natural Surveillance

Criminals thrive on ambiguity so will generally pick situations where they can conceal themselves and escape easily if need be. Natural surveillance helps in simply arranging your office building to enable maximum visibility.


  • Window signs should occupy merely 10% of the complete window surface
  • The space interior must be discernible from the sidewalk or street
  • The furniture in the interior space shouldn’t be higher than 5’ to maintain visibility
  • Parking lot exterior should be well lit so that people can be recognised from 25′ away
  • Parking lots should be conspicuous from within the space
  • Street and /or sidewalk should be conspicuous from within the space
  • Al entrances should be visible from the space within
  • Non-working surveillance cameras should either be fixed or removed
  • Interior lighting should be left on at night time
  • Bushes should be kept trimmed and shouldn’t surpass a certain height

2.  Territorial Fortification

The reason behind Territorial Fortification is to establish clear distinction between public and private property. This is vital for two reasons – legitimate occupants have a feeling of ownership and will keep a note of people who don’t belong; on the other hand trespassers will have a hard time blending in.


  • Property borders should be marker properly by fences, short walls, shrubbery or something similar
  • Receptionist or cash register should be placed to screen all people entering the premises

3.  Natural Access Control

The sense of control that criminals have when they enter and exit an area can be denied by limiting their approach to buildings, thereby channelling visitors into a defined area. Natural Access Control is making use of building and landscaping attributes to direct people as they enter and exit a given space.


  • Walkways and driveways should guide visitors to a controlled entrance
  • Roof access should be secured
  • Exterior door hinges shouldn’t be reachable from outside
  • Key count should be maintained
  • Windows should be secured
  • Entrance to ladders should be secured

4.  Maintenance

A property that is well maintained and secured can deter crime, as compared to a building with lax security which then invites criminals to seize control.


  • Graffiti should be taken out or painted over
  • Weeds should be eliminated
  • Debris should be cleared off the ground
  • All light signs should be functional
  • All light fixtures should be in working condition

So, with the help of this checklist, make an effort towards making your premise more safe and secure! You can adopt some unconventional methods to store important office files and information internally.

Learn more about what these methods are by clicking on the link!


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