The Most Common Types of Office Furniture

Many companies still need their employees to work in the office. Outfitting a commercial office can be daunting if you don’t know what to include. Here is a list of the most commonly used office furniture. Each comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to customize your office space.


When searching for commercial office furniture, one of the first things that pop up is cubicles. These small enclosed sections are available new and pre-owned. Easily transform a large open space into a number of small offices with cubicles. While they may be the butt of many office jokes, they can be a money and space saver for many companies.


Few things are more valuable in an office than chairs. While the standing desk is becoming more popular, people still want a good chair throughout the day. You need chairs in the lobby for people coming to the office to sit. Ergonomic chairs are better for long-term sitting and the back. Hard chairs are easy to clean making them perfect for breakrooms and cafeterias.


Desks are still a hot commodity. These handy pieces of furniture can be as big or small as you need. You can have a standing desk, a large executive desk or a mid-sized desk with built-in filing cabinets. The type of desk you choose depends on the cost, size and style you need.

Filing Cabinets

While the Digital Age has made a lot of things paperless, there are still many important documents that need to be stored in a filing cabinet. These are often made of metal with a number of drawer options. Small two-drawer cabinets are perfect for small offices. Large lateral file cabinets can house legal-sized paper more easily than smaller square vertical cabinets.


Sales teams still use the conference room to discuss funnel projections and new projects. Board members still need a table to sit around and plan the future of the company. A good conference table should sit the number of regular attendees to a meeting. In addition to conference tables, standard rectangular tables are handy in breakrooms. Small tables offer places for lamps in lobbies to greet clients.


Few business owners think about purchasing a safe for their office, but this piece of furniture can be extremely valuable. Choose a fireproof safe to house your most important documents such as articles of incorporation, partnership agreements and IRS documentation. The safe can protect these from nefarious employees or thieves and keep items protected in the event of a disaster.


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