Things To Bear In Mind When Preparing A Presentation

There is no shortcut to success. The only key to making a good presentation is to prepare for it well. A nice presentation not only conveys your message to the audience in an easy and right way, but also boosts your confidence for the next one.  

No matter if it’s your first presentation or your twentieth, you will always need good ideas to improve your work. The tips below will help you to nail any presentation that you set out to give.

Read along to know more about it.

1. Connect with the audience

The first thing you should bear in mind is that you are creating the presentation for your audience and not for yourself. So try to present the content in a manner that your audience understands it quickly and easily.

People don’t like a presentations where they have to struggle to get the actual message across. So try to establish a connect with your audience and ensure that you’re being heard loud and clear.

2. Focus on their needs

Your presentation should always be built around what people want to know and how much you can tell them about a particular topic. It goes without saying that whatever information you are providing them with should be precise, interesting and comprehensible.

3. Concentrate on the core message

Before you start making the presentation, think about the key message of your topic and how can you communicate it effectively and briefly. To make it easier, write a few key points in the initial slides and a short summary at the end of the presentation.

To reduce the boredom and redundancy, try to keep your key points and summary short with no more than 20 words to a slide. Also, make sure you are not trailing off the core message throughout the presentation and save people from getting confused.

4. Make eye contact and smile while presenting

Smiling and making eye contact will not only help deal with your nervousness but also connect with the people sitting in front of you. However, it is not as easy as it seems to be. Many presenters fail to maintain a smile because either they feel too nervous or they focus a little too much on delivering the information.

But, you can maintain a smile or a pleasant expression throughout if you are really enjoying your work and are confident about it. Once you start smiling while facing the audience, you will feel more relaxed and at ease.

To make it easier, do not turn down all the lights to make only the slide screen visible. Keep at least one or two small lights on so that you can see the audience and they can see your expressions as well alongside the projector.

5. Time yourself

Before you take the stage, determine how much time you have to convey your message. Also, check if the given time excludes or includes the questioning session after the presentation. Check out if there are other presentations lined up after you.

A presentation that’s too long can bore the audience, and one that’s too short might not convey the message properly. To avoid such a situation, design your presentation in a manner that its of just the right duration.

To keep yourself from running over or missing out on some important points, practise it a few times before you finally present it. Take a printed pen and make a note of all the important slides that you are going to explain in detail.

This way, you will not mess up with the information and give the right weightage and attention to the key slides.

6. Follow the 10-20-30 rule

Guy Kawasaki of Apple suggests following the 10-20-30 rules for presenting a presentation. It means a presentation should have maximum 10 slides, no more than 20 minutes and a font size not less than 30 points.

The first rule will save you from making a presentation that’s too lengthy, the second one will help you time yourself and the third rule will help you avoid putting in too much content in a single slide.

To make the presentation more interesting and relatable, you can include short stories as examples. It will help you maintain the interest of the audience as well as convey the message easily.

Try these tactics out and see how it helps you up you presentation game!


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