Three Ways To Improve Your Landscaping

Living close to nature or spending time outdoors has proven health benefits. Spending time relaxing or enjoying the fresh air can also boost one’s mood. Making a few improvements to the landscaping outside of your place of business can help employees and visitors take advantage of the outdoors and boost the curb appeal of your building.

Water Features

One of the best landscaping projects to invest in for your company is a water feature. The sound of running water is often relaxing to people and can improve the mood of employees who go outside for break. If you already reside near a lake or pond, look into pond aerators and fountains that will make for a pleasing aesthetic and improve the quality of the pond water. If you do not have a pond or lake nearby, small water fountains or man-made fish ponds can be an easy way to add a water feature.

Healthy Plants

People will often walk by a business in the middle of the summer to see half-dead hanging plants by the front door. Avoid the half-dead flowers by planting native species in the ground where possible and putting more resilient plants in pots. If you do not have an employee that is responsible for watering flowers, find a volunteer who will or make a rotating schedule.

Add a Place To Sit

If there is no bench, lounge chair or picnic table outside, buy one! A place to sit is an easy investment to improve the outdoor atmosphere of your business. With someplace to sit, employees or visitors are more likely to spend time outside. Fresh air is good for you especially if you spend a lot of time indoors for your job. If you want a feature in your outdoor patio or landscaping to pop, add color to whatever seating you purchase.


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