Ways to Boost Office Morale

Whether we talk about our personal or professional life, it is not possible that every week will be great. It is the reality of life and as a business owner, you must be prepared for the tough weeks as well.

In such times it is possible that the morale of your employees may extensively suffer and as their leader, they will naturally look up to you to fix this problem for them.

Here are certain things that you can do when it seems like the morale of your team is at its lowest:

Rally Together

When an entire team has a low morale it often has something to do with a problem that affects the entire company as a whole. The reason could be any such as the projection numbers being low or the fact that certain strategies that you employed are not working as well as you had hoped they would.

The most effective thing that you can do in these times is to rope in every member of the team and give them a common goal to work towards, thus making the whole team a part of the solution.

You should give them all the information that they need in order to perform at their best and provide them with the much needed encouragement to think of ideas and strategies on how to execute them. By giving them a team feeling at this point you may be able to lift their morale considerably.

The Communication Floodgates

Sometimes it is not the difficult situations or poor performance of the business that brings down the office morale. At times it can be solely attributed to a lack of communication. The reality may be simple enough to solve but a communication gap in the team can give rise to a negative perception which makes it look like the problem outweighs the solution.

The ideal thing for a leader to do in these times is to lay out the situation clearly in front of the team and show them how they will not just survive this situation but also thrive down this rocky road.

You can also present them with a new challenge such as the launch of a new product as it can bring back the lost focus and make them remember this difficult time as something that motivated them to push themselves harder to achieve success.

Work It Out

When a company goes through a few transitions it may place a strain on the company culture. An innovative technique that you could use to get your team realigned is to throw at them a fitness challenge.

You can select a particular month which is yet to come and schedule fitness classes for the entire team. You can also offer weekly incentives such as an extra vacation day, gift cards or the sweet old cash bonus. You can also create a private social media handle to keep each member of the team accountable.

Doing innovative things like these may work well to bring the team together. After all if there is anything that can turn a low morale atmosphere into a healthy one, it is the presence of healthy employees.

Launch an Investigation

You can hold an engagement survey wherein you can request team members to use sticky notes to express why they feel a certain way. The exercise should be carried off anonymously so that everybody can offer their honest opinions about where they think the organisation or leadership is going wrong. It will bring to light the various issues that are affecting the team morale and give you greater clarity as to how you can solve the problem.

Plan Ahead

Some leaders believe that prevention is better than cure and hence they take measures beforehand to prevent office morale from suffering a blow. If there are no morale issues in your office currently but as a leader with foresight you wish to take steps to prevent such a situation from arising, then you can practice gratitude.

Team members can be asked to speak about the achievements of their colleagues and tell each other how they are grateful for their contribution towards the team and its objectives.

Besides the methods given above there are various tried and tested techniques such as corporate day out, appraisals and team bonding exercise which are surefire ways to boost office morale.


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