What Health and Safety Training Should Be Provided to Employees in the Construction Industry?

Each individual that is part of the construction industry should be trained in every aspect of their job duties and performances. If this is not done, the risk of injuries and accidents that occur while on the job could increase exponentially. To keep the risks low, OSHA has developed guidelines that all employers and employees should be following in order to stay safe and maintain their overall health. This is essential in the construction industry, where job sites could get dangerous very quickly. Construction safety training is required for all employees with the goal of keeping them as safe as possible on the job.

Forklift Operations Training

Any individual that operates a forklift should have the training required to do so in a safe and efficient manner. Forklifts are large machines, which makes them potentially dangerous when they are operated in an unsafe manner. OSHA training for forklifts involves lectures, interactive learning activities, discussions, as well as videos. It also involves hands on training along with demonstrations that allow employees to gain the knowledge needed to perform job duties safely. Each employer must certify that training has been completed in order to be within OSHA guidelines for health and safety.

Riggers Training

All riggers, signal persons, and operators should be qualified to operate machinery and perform job duties safely and efficiently. These employees must go through training that covers several different areas, such as calculating friction, coefficients, weight distribution, and load factors. It also involves learning the dynamics of cranes, safety around power lines, verbal and visual signals, and more. All of this training material is meant to keep all employees safe and keep work from being stalled due to workplace incidents. The safety of employees is what matters most, especially on construction sites, so employers need workers to be qualified and meet the standards set by the OSHA Rule 1926.1400.

OSHA Fall Safety Training

OSHA had developed comprehensive training for employees that are part of the construction industry. Workers on construction jobs must be able to meet the requirements set by OSHA, including competency in fall protection. Fall safety training goes over EM385 Standards and developing plans for safety on jobs with fall hazards. Fall protection controls are outlined and employees will be able to calculate distances as well as develop rescue plans for individuals that have been in an incident. Training includes both formal lectures and videos as well as hands on exercises.

For any construction worker, safety should be the goal when on the construction site. Due to the various hazards that exist, it is important to make sure that every employee is competently trained in every aspect of their job duties and responsibilities. If this training requirement is not met, the risk of injuries and accidents while on the job could skyrocket. Each individual should have adequate knowledge of rigging equipment, forklift operations, and fall safety. Employers are responsible for making sure that worksite is safe and that all employees are trained properly in their field of specialization.


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