Graphic Ideas for Booth Design to Attract Attention

Striking show booth backdrop helps in exhibiting branding. An attractive and informative backdrop creates memorable experience of trade show and visitors.

You gain limited time to grab attention and so make sure to find trade show booth manufacturers offering creative booth designs. It is essential for a less known brand because your company name alone will not be able to accomplish the purpose of your trade show booth.

Attendees are not patient to guess about your brand and will move to the nest. Therefore, you need to be brief, bold, and more pertinent in comparison to other exhibitors and competitors. The latest trend is the 2D & 3D graphics.

Graphic ideas for booth design to attract attention

  • Create 6-word tagline, which readers interpret in 3 seconds. Avoid being abstract in creating the tagline, be honest. Your brand name will be secondary to tagline because it will effectively draw attention of readers and interested attendees will enter your booth.
  • Choose a pain point and resolve it. Promoting this fact will make visitors trust and remember your brand.
  • Back wall is focal point, so use it to communicate an important message. Back walls are best places for booth’s graphical display, so use it wisely.
  • Digital graphics offer big advantage of attracting people by changing images like product in action videos or your logo. Different on-screen actions are influential tools, which can be used to send strong messages and overwhelm people.
  • Besides your business logo avoid using many static images around the booth. Remember to use images, which make a huge impact in seconds because people just get a peek.
  • Using plenty of colors in the graphics make booth looks busy. The main message looks confusing, so use limited bright colors [maximum 3].
  • The images need to include 40% empty space. It is crucial to convey a clear message. You just get a single shot, so make it memorable. Extraneous information can clutter the booth.
  • Graphic’s height can be separated into long, medium, and short range. Long range can go as high as trade show rule limitations. Medium range will go 6 to 8 feet above eye-level and short range 5 to 6 feet above floor-level.
  • Use readable fonts and avoid using more than three different fonts. For font size consider the foot distance viewers will stand. For example, if you wish audience to read text comfortably forms 9 feet away then add 9 inches to the font size.
  • Cost is an important factor but also remember the possible ROI of investing in well-designed booth, which people talk for years. Focus on quality and not quantity.
  • Offering QR code besides charging station with link to your site. QR codes can even be integrated with print graphics. Scanning code allows them to interact with your online product description or YouTube video. It is essential that the experience you are leading them to after scanning this QR code impact highly.
  • Physical elements can be used to complement the graphics in the booth.
  • Lighting within the booth needs to be designed specifically to highlight the graphics.

Make sure to allocate well trained and highly motivated staff, who can handle trade show catastrophe’s including poorly designed booth.


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