5 Essential Kitchen Items for Your Restaurant

Owning a restaurant isn’t easy work. You must manage cooks, keep the place clean, prepare food, and of course make food, while you simultaneously juggle expenses and watch your bottom line. However, if you own a restaurant, or are dead set on starting one, it’s important that you equip your kitchen correctly. A well-equipped kitchen will relieve a lot of the strain that owning a restaurant puts on you. It makes cleaning, cooking, and prepping easier, which makes your life, in turn, easier. Here are 5 kitchen essentials that will have your back room running like a well-oiled machine. 


Ok, ok, we get it. You know that you need a refrigerator and seeing this first on the list is probably making you think “Oh boy! One of those common sense, no duh, lists.” Well, don’t worry we know that you know that you need a fridge (say that 10 times fast.) This is less about the idea of a refrigerator and more about the fridge itself. You need to step back and consider how much fridge space you need, what kind of fridges you want, and where the actual fridge units will go. Is your restaurant huge? opt for a walk-in freezer. Do you need less space? Maybe a few normal fridge units will do you just fine. Make sure that you consider where you are putting them as well. 

Prep Area 

You are going to need a preparation area. Essentials here include things like prep containers (This year’s National Restaurant Show had these bad boys.) You also must find a good spot to do it, with long metal clean tables. Be hyper-attentive to the cleanliness of this area. 


Kitchen hood filters are a big deal. Whether you know it or not, having appropriate filters can be the difference between a dirty roof with dirty air and a clean efficient kitchen. See, we are getting into some of the more key details. This isn’t just an article about refrigerators guys. 


Another obvious one, but you need fire. Whether it’s ranges, ovens, stoves, whatever it is, you are going to need a place to cook the food. Again, get whatever range or stove fits your budget and space. Space is a big one that people often overlook. Make sure that you don’t over or under-buy here. 

Sinks, Safety, and Shelves 

Let’s group the “S” group here. Safety is big, and if you own a restaurant I’m sure you are up to date on OSHA standards. If not, get up to date. You will need storage space in the form of shelves (If you can’t tell space is a big deal.) Also, don’t forget to equip your kitchen with enough sinks. Crowded sinks slow things down, a lot. 

If you read this list and are you are missing any of these essentials, go out there and get them. Don’t let your kitchen run you. Running a kitchen is tough work and having the proper equipment can significantly change the way you run your kitchen.


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