AC Maintenance Tips At Your Office

The temperature in the workplace is one of the critical factors that make employees work efficiently. When the temperature of your office is too hot, your employees tend to have a lower concentration and focus in their work, even to the point that they become sick. Making sure that your office has a stress-free environment, an air conditioning unit that is maintained to work at its optimum condition is vital.

So to make sure that your air conditioning unit is working correctly and efficiently, here are some tips for maintaining your AC in your office:

Notice the Signs

There can be noticeable signs that can indicate that something wrong with your AC and in urgent need of repair and maintenance. The weak blow of air, leakage of water from your AC, and releasing of small ice particles, can be signs that your AC needs to be checked. You can also start to observe that your AC is not capable of cooling your office anymore.

Check the Filters

Checking your AC filter is the most important thing to do in maintaining your AC condition. Air filters tend to get dirty easily especially when you use your AC frequently, so make sure to check this at least once a month. Dirty air filters may cause trouble to the AC’s airflow which will lessen its heat-absorbing capacity and will make your AC to work inefficiently.

You can remove the air filter and clean it with brush and water if your AC is wall-mounted, portable, or window type. But take note that some AC requires their air filters to be replaced. Cleaning your air filters can lower the energy consumption of your AC!

Inspect the Coils

Coils in your AC is responsible for the movement of hot air and cold air. Coils can also be filled up with dust. The coils of outdoor Air Conditioning units can get dirty with dirt and leaves so cleaning it with a water hose is a must. Make sure to let it dry before turning it on. And for window types and wall-mounted, you can use a brush, rag, and spray bottle to clean it thoroughly.

Coil fins of your AC can be easily bent and may cause blockage, and it is best to use a fin comb to straighten up those bents.

Look for Clogged Channels

Drain channels can also be clogged up which can interfere with the capability of the AC to reduce humidity, which in the long term can stain your walls.

Hire a Professional

If you don’t have the expertise to check your AC, don’t worry because there are people that can do the job for you. For overall check-up and maintenance of all the parts of your AC, you can hire professional AC in Houston repair and maintenance companies who are experts in this kind of work. With a routine check-up, these companies can repair, maintain, and replace the parts that your AC needs to work at its best.

Maintaining the condition of your AC can save you a lot of wasted time and money. It will significantly contribute to the success of your company and will save you a lot of money by reducing its energy consumption.


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