How to Choose the Right Merchant Account for Your Burgeoning IT Company

These days, many corporations are looking to outsource their IT needs to other companies. This is because it’s both more efficient and more cost-effective for them to do so versus hiring their own internal IT team. While many companies often up outsourcing their IT needs to Indian firms, this has increasingly becoming a less viable practice. There are many reasons why this is the case – from the political situation in the United States, to innovation in the Indian tech sector. However, this creates a great opportunity for local IT firms to pick up the business that Indian IT firms have been losing, and create a large-scale business around it. That being said, there are any challenges to running the operations side of a business. One of these is figuring out what merchant account you will need to process payments from large-scale companies you are working with. With that in mind, here is what an IT company needs to look for when selecting a merchant account.

The Ability to Process Payments of Any Size from Any Location

The best merchant accounts for an IT company need to be able to handle a variety of payment options, and also payments that are recurring and consistent. Additionally, any merchant services provider that an IT company chooses needs to understands the unique needs of their businesses. In some cases, an IT company may be working with international clients. International payments are so complex, that they’ve damaged supply chains and hurt businesses. Without a good merchant account, your IT firm may have to content with late payments or missed invoices, as payment technology issues is one the most commonly cited problems with international payments.

The Ability to Work with Emerging Technology

As a burgeoning IT firm, you likely keep yourself abreast of current technologies, particularly when it comes to systems and data. As such, you should expect the same of any merchant services provider you choose to contract with. Increasingly, enterprise-level business will contract with an IT firm solely for a specific department of their business. This makes sense, as they may have internal IT people but need supplemental help on something that is particularly complex or if they need to create storage and retrieval protocol for a large volume of data.

When in this situation, you want to make sure that your payment processor is just as passionate about innovation and embracing new technology as your IT firm is. You should shop around and see what options are available. Ideally you want an all-in-one payment processor that provides both a merchant account and a payment gateway. After all, if these are disconnected, it will be harder to process your payments in a timely manner, and some contracted payments may be lost in the shuffle.

Regardless of who you choose for your merchant account needs, keeping these tips in mind and making sure that the ethos of the merchant services provider aligns with your IT firm is key to selecting the best merchant account for your specific needs.


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